Falling out of Bed


no i've never fallout out of bed. but my father has. it was really funny because he sees strange dreams at night like falling from somewhere ,....and he ends up falling out of bed for real.


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my mom says she found me sleeping on the floor when i was little, but now i never fall out of bed. It's like i'll stop myself from taking that extra turn. Sometimes I'll find myself almost falling off. The energy needed to keep yourself from falling off is pretty painful though, especially when you still want to stay asleep. :p


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When I was younger I use to fall out of bed all the time, it's definitely not the greatest feeling in the world, especially when you have hardwood floors. It was about a foot from my mattress to the floor, so it was a pretty big fall. I'm just fortunate I've never landed on my head.

With that being said, I haven't fallen out of bed in a real long time.


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When I was a kid I did but never as an adult. It surprises me though as sometimes I wake up and I'm right on the edge of the bed.


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This only happened to me when I was a little kid but now being a teenager, falling out of bed hasn't happened in a long time..and I plan to keep it that way too.


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When I moved back home, before I moved all my stuff in, I was sleeping in the then spare room in a single bed. Because i'm used to a queen size, I rolled over and fell out. I did that every night until I moved my bed in there.


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I have never fallen out of bed while asleep but I have done so when I have been in the state of just waking up when my mind is still a little hazy, normally because my foot gets tangled in the covers.


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Not to my knowledge.

Even though I'm used to sleeping in a single bed, I manage to keep my position when moving around etc.

I wouldn't want to fall out of bed anyway, might end up going through the floor boards!!


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When I was a little girl my sister and I shared a bunk bed. I slept on the upper bed and I recall one night I felt a hard something on my head, I found myself on the cold marble floor. I wondered how I got there and then just climbed up again and continued to sleep.