Falling asleep to music or the television.


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When you go to bed at night do you put the television or stereo on and fall asleep with them still on?

I always put the television on, most of the time i wake up and it's still on. I think i need to get out of this habit as more than often i watch the television for hours when really i should be sleeping. :stare:


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I use the 45 minute sleep button usually, but sometimes I fall asleep without warning and the TV is off anyway, either sister or parents switch it off by morning.


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I rarely fall asleep with the tv, and if I do I use a half hour sleep button, and sometimes I have songs stuck in my head, so I fall asleep with my mp3player on, but 98% of the time I have to sleep in pitch black still warm silence.


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I don't do this often anymore, but when I'm exhausted I can pass out anywhere for a quick couple. I can't sleep through the night with the TV on and I love sleeping in my bed with no distractions.


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I que up a playlist of some shows i like on my computer (simpsons, stargate, south park, etc.) up to about 2 hours then go to sleep to that. I messed up my ears a bit when I was in high school so dead silence is just a ringing in my ears lol.


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I can't go to sleep with such noise/light, I have to sleep just in my bed, all quiet and dark. Music or television would keep me awake


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I'll only fall in front of the tv if I'm really tired or if other people are watching it and I'm in the room, I'd never aim to fall asleep with something on, its just a waste of energy.