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Fall Out Boy



How many know of this band? I will be going to a concert with my sisters and some friends. My sister had burned for a me a cd with some of there songs. I recognized one of their songs but that was about it. It's good music. For those who have heard them or who enjoy their music what do you think about them?


Problematic Shitlord
I personally can't stand them. But I find it amusing that three of the band members still live with their parents. Ooh, rebellious much?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yeah they still live with their parents which is funny, with them making a lot of money. But I like one song but that much but it's not that bad and that Where Going Down down, I dont like Dance Dance.


Registered Member
Their not bad, but half their lyrics are mumbled. Perhaps they know they aren't that good and figure they can get by mumbling through songs.


Registered Member
I hate them. I have heard them live and they cannot sing at all.


Registered Member
LOL. It's a shame how many of todays bands are full of posers, how I miss the true talents on the airwaves.


They are complete shit, knock off, copy cat, redundant, look alike, mimicing the epitimy of horrible music that is boy bands


their songs are okay. i have nothing against or for them.


A Darker Knight
They're okay. Some of they're songs are catchy, that's really why I listen to them. Other than that, they're not that great.

I also heard that the lead singer never had singing lessons before. go figure...