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Fall anime season has started


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Does anyone have an eye out for any anime?

This is ANN's quarterly preview guide that gives a brief glimpse of the new shows.

The Fall 2011 Anime Preview Guide - Anime News Network

So far I haven't found anything of note.


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Like I mentioned in MAL, I'm interesting in checking out Mirai Nikki because I enjoy suspense/drama type of anime. Also, the manga version was rated well.

Loner Yukiteru Amano uses his cell phone to report everything that he sees to his imaginary pal "Deus Ex Machina." One day, Deus talks back, launching Yuki into a deadly game— each player's phone reports the future in exactly the style that the player would have written it, meaning that not everyone has complete information. Oh, and they're all supposed to try and kill each other...the last player standing wins godhood.
It definitely reminds me of Higashi no Eden which I also liked despite getting a bit disappointed in the ending. It was a cliffhanger that has to be resolved with movies that came out later.


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Chihayafuru seems to be getting good reviews. I forgot which one of them you really respect in terms of ratings. But the ones I've checked out have rated them either 3.5 or 4.


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Not much there, if you ask me.

I'd like to see the new Lupin III, whatever it is (I'm not quite clear on whether it's a series or an OVA or whatever).

I think I'll give the redone Hunter x Hunter a chance since it is on Crunchyroll and I've never had a chance to watch the original one.

Otherwise, there is Bakuman 2, but since it never got legally simulcasted I never watched the original, and, of course, this one isn't being streamed either. I recently checked out and read all of the currently released (in America) manga volumes from my local library, so I would be interested in it, but you know. I couldn't even bring myself to watch Nodame Cantabile Finale through fansubs, and that series seems to have no chance in the world of getting licensed here from what I've heard. =(