Falcons take a look at Leftwich


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FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) - The Atlanta Falcons worked out former Jacksonville starter Byron Leftwich on Tuesday, the former first-round draft pick's agent confirmed.

Tom Condon said he planned to meet with Falcons general manager Rich McKay later Tuesday. It was not known if a deal could be reached as early as Tuesday.

The Falcons are looking for immediate help at quarterback. Joey Harrington, who took over as the starter when Michael Vick was suspended by the NFL, has lost his first two starts with Atlanta and the offense is averaging only 10 points.
Vick was suspended indefinitely last month following his guilty plea on a dogfighting charge. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 10. Leftwich was cut by Jacksonville in a surprise preseason move as the Jaguars chose David Garrard as their starter. Ankle and knee problems have prevented Leftwich, 27, from completing a full season. He missed 15 games the past two years.

Leftwich could join the Falcons as Harrington's backup and eventually compete for the starting job.
Harrington has been sacked 13 times, and coach Bobby Petrino said Monday the quarterback is holding the ball too long and showing a lack of confidence in his play.
"I think right now Joey is playing a little bit conservative, a little bit not to throw the interception," Petrino said. "Therefore it is causing him to hold the ball. He just needs to open it up more with confidence and play to go win the game."
Harrington was 12-for-20 passing for 200 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions in a 13-7 loss to Jacksonville on Sunday. Harrington's current backups are Chris Redman, who has not played in an NFL game since 2003, and Casey Bramlet, whose only professional experience came in Europe.



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They need him.

I think it is funny how the Falcons origianlly reported that they had no interest in Leftwich. Now after 2 weeks, they are suddenly interested. Even if Joey Harrington was their guy, the bench QB injury from preseason should have been enough to bring Byron in. I guess they just wanted his price tag to come down.


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It is official. 2 years $7 million. Doubt he will start for a few weeks. IMO, Falcons aren't going anywhere anyways even with him. Who do you guys think they will take with the 1st overall pick? They don't need McFadden, so I would say Brian Brohm. Reunited and it feels so good. hahaha I'm not sure of their offensive line situation though so is Jake Long a possibility? I'll have the link in a few.

Edit: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3025903


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I believe that he should start soon, Harrighton hasn't been getting the job done, so they should give Leftwich a chance. I still think he can be a good quarterback in this league, and I honestly believe he can do a better job then Joey.

I am hoping that Leftwich does have success with the Falcons, because I want Del Rio to realize that he made the wrong decision in cutting him.


Man I bet the Falcons wish they had Matt Schaub right about now...

YUP, I've always been big on Schaub...I wonder if the Falcons are upset that they paid Vick all that money and all he ever was was a glorified running back.


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I like this pick up by the Atlanta Falcons. I personnaly think that Byron Leftwitch is a good quaterback and that he got snobbed in Jacksonvillve but that'sall in the past and done with. I'm not sure how good he'll do with the Falcons because they're a horrible team, but he shouldn't do worst then Joey Harrington is doing right now. He got sacked 13 times this year so far. Having a bad offensive line doesn't help is case either.

Now the question I have for you guys is: Do you think with this signing Michael Vick is done with in Atlanta? Please take this questions seriously...or don't bother answering

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This move was good by the Falcons because without everyone's favorite dog owner Micheal Vick captivating the Altanta fans they needed a star player to regain interest in the team and Leftwich is the best that's out there. Joey Harringon is not gonna sell tickets. I think BL will do well in Atlanta.