Fake people


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This message is not to offend any people. I was just wondering what you thought about fake people. What I mean about fake people is the following: People who are like I feel so bad about the Haiti disaster on and on but yet dont even do anything to support the victims. Or people who feel bad for ladies with breast cancer but won't participate in walks of awareness to support money for cures.

I don't see how sympathizing for someone's situation, but not doing anything about it makes you fake?
I feel sorry for a lot of situations but I don't feel the need to help everyone I feel bad for.


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I wouldn't necessarily call those people fake. They may feel bad in those situations, but not have the means or the time to help.

Or on the other hand, you can still feel bad for someone in a situation, but not feel passionate enough about it to help. Maybe it's just not on their priority list.


Feeling bad about Haiti and not being able to do anything, doesn't mean we're fake.
You've got a wrong idea about fake people.
We feel sorry about many things going on now ...but the truth is we cannot do anything.
I'm sure you feel sorry about Haiti...but is there anything you can do? no. Does it mean you're fake???

Fake is someone hypocrite. Someone who does something just to be noted, someone who says something and thinks other things ...
Someone who pretends all the time ...


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I don't know if I would consider them "fake" perse... You can feel badly about something / someone but sometimes people who do express sympathy and concern cannot do something about it physically to make a difference, whether it's due to a lack of funds, time or what have you. I think anyone with compassion and empathy will feel something for people who have experienced something such as the Haiti disater.

"Fake" people (to me) fall under the description of trying to make themselves "bigger and better" than the rest of the world when they're really not. People who pretend they are someone else and don't expose who they really are, blahblahblah - that's what a "fake" person is to me.


The return shall be legenday!
I'm french guys give me a break. My explaination was a little off to what i really meant for this topic. I apologize and from this point on...look at EllyDicious reply to this topic to what I meant while I was posting this message.