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Fake LIvestrong bracelets


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I just saw a report on Date Line, they showed the fakes..You wont believe who are selling the fakes, Texaco, some 7-11's,e-bay, and almost all malls. The legit places are Armstrong foundation, Nike store, Build a Bear And Discovery stores.
The only color the bands come in is Yellow.... This goes to show you that a bunch of greedy people can screw it up for their own needs. :grr: :grr:
The bracelets are only supposed to cost $1.00 with all proceeds going to cancer research. Not your pockets...Please don't buy the counterfits. You only screw the ones who need it. (Your mom, dad, kid brother or even someone that you don't know).


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I have an official Livestrong bracelet and an Ohio State University bracelet (proceeds went to the athletic department, gotta support my team!).


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i caught the tale end of that segment. i didn't even realize there were lance armstrong bracelets to be bought for cancer research (i know who lance is and knew he had cancer, i think a couple of times), so i didn't even know about the counterfeits, although i'm not surprised. people will do anything and rip of another one to put cash in their pockets. it's a sick world we live in and it only gets worse it seems like.


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The Baller Bands I bought from Footlocker aren't fakes. I got red ones and blue ones, they don't have to be yellow. But the Lance Armstrong ones, yeah those only come in yellow.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well it seems that everyone has the bracelets, as long as the ones they are selling are the real deal. It sucks that someone would rip off the Lance bracelet. Thank you to all who bought the lance bracelte; the money is much needed to help with C research. The L.A foundation is looking into doing other bracelets for Parkensons, allhimers, and cistyxfibrosis to name a few...And the Red Cross are going to do aids one. Thast what I heard. Fore those who don't know I have Parkinson’s stage one, and that’s why I feel so strongly bought the subject. :sam: