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Fairy, Not A Tale


Registered Member
I have a large collection of fairies, I adore fairies. Every time I drive to the Smoky Mountains I come home with one or two more. They are everywhere in my home. I can't get enough. So, I'm bored, and decided to post some pictures to share. This is just 5 of my favorites, I have plenty more :)



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aw they are rather beautiful!
i went through a little fairy phase...not so much ornimants but dressing up like one for nights out, im sure people thought i'd gone mad!


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Do you collect any fairy or it has to be same built (is that ceramic?) and height? I used to collect houses, er miniature ones and make a village but I gave them away when I had to move and can't bring them with me. :(


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I collect any kind of fairy ysabel (sorry for the delay in responding).
The more detailed and intrique, the better.
I have paid $50 for one fairy before, but most of them are around the $25 area. I have them in every room of my home...many small ones, and 1 quite large one.