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Have you ever fainted? What were the circumstances behind it? Any funny stories?

I've only ever fainted once. I was home on my lunch break, and I ate something really hot, and it was so painful it made me pass out. I remember stumbling towards the chair to sit down, but unfortunately I fell over that and into the glass sliding door. I was lucky it didn't break. Apparently it was pretty funny to watch :-/
No, I don't think I have ever fainted. The only times I've blacked out is from drinking too much.

Though, one time I was in the bathroom for ages after running a really hot bath (by mistake actually), and there's no ventilation in there. I could feel myself getting light headed and almost fell over if I hadn't grabbed onto the sink. I was so confused cause I had no idea what was going on, then I realised my brain needed some oxygen so I got out of the room and went and sat on my bed. Took a while before I could see probably again. Man that was scary.


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I still can't believe people faint over things such as "about to do a speech" or anything like that....

I've never fainted, and if I ever did it'd probably be from lack of malnutrition or something legit lol.


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I've seen a couple of people faint from panic attacks but I've never fainted myself.

I think I came close once when I stood up too fast, drunk, and light headed. I've definitely passed out, too, but that was my fault.


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I shouldn't really admit this, but lets say [at the age of about 15] I was inhaling substances I shouldn't have. Next thing you know, I heard my Sisters coming home and I was wondering what the hell I was doing lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of drool and a 'hissng' noise beside me.

I guess I fainted, but a few more seconds and they'd have found me and had me carted off to the funny-farm, which ironically would not have been funny.

When I first started taking Blood Pressure tablets, they fucked my head-up quite literally. Luckily I was sitting on the sofa, then I had a creepy kind of faint... it felt like slow motion, and there was naff all I could do about it.


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I've felt dizzy a few times but never fainted. I've seen one person faint at work before. That was pretty horrible. It was really out the blue and they got an Ambulance out to her.


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I've felt dizzy a few times but never fainted. I've seen one person faint at work before. That was pretty horrible. It was really out the blue and they got an Ambulance out to her.
An ambulance for fainting? I went back to work about 10 minutes after I fainted. I never thought it was serious enough for medical attention


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I fainted one time several years ago a few minutes after taking some big bong rips. My friend and I had just smoked up in his backyard and were walking back into his house. I got really hot and my vision faded to black and all of a sudden I fell. My head luckily slammed into soft ground, about a foot away from his concrete driveway. I don't think I ever lost consciousness though. I seem to remember falling to the ground. I was just powerless to stop it or even protect myself from the fall. I got right up and was perfectly fine after that. It was really weird.


i've never fainted. i have just seen people faint.
i call fainting a weird feeling because i've never tried it lol and i wonder how you can lose consciousness in those seconds ..


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I've fainted a few times in my life. For some reason I just faint at weird times and get dizzy really easily.
The first time I fainted was when I was making my bed, next minute I was on the floor and the place was spinning.
The next time I fainted was when I fell over at a bus stop and twisted my foot. The pain was so bad that I fainted in front of like 20 people which was really embarassing.
Then there was the time I fainted just as I had gotten out of the shower, that really wasnt pleasent as I hit my shoulder off a heater.
And lastly there was the time when I went to answer the phone and fainted while I was speaking to someone on the phone. That one was nasty.

It's a horrible feeling fainting I really hate it.