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Nintendo 64 Faevourite Mario Kart track


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Did I spell that ^ bad enough? :lol:

But anyhow, I felt a poll was appropriate for this topic. I know that there's not enough poll options to go around, but thankfully, there's only 4 tracks for every circuit instead of 5 (bad for the game, good for the poll), so only 6 of the tracks will have to be eliminated. I think there's a pretty good chance that everyone's favorite will lie in the 10 I pick, so I'll try to pick the most creative ones.


Change of plan. I had a hard time picking, so I decided to group some of the similar ones together so that they could all be included. So if you pick one as part of a group, please indicate which one of the group you picked.
I can barely remember some of these levels, but I voted for Rainbow Road. I just remember the level being pretty tense, because I think most of the course didn't have railings, and it looked cool. I think I also remember working out some pretty zany shortcuts.
I do also remember liking Banshee Boardwalk, though. That was the one with all the ghosts, right? That was a fun one.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I like the three raceways the best since they don't have many annoying obstacles. Most of the tracks are pretty good, but I think the ones in Super Mario Kart are a lot better. By the way, Ross, Rainbow Road has railings the whole length of the track.
Really? I think I got it mixed up with the Rainbow Road from F-Zero X. In any case, I know I had fun on the level.


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There is no rainbow road on F-Zero. That's a mario cart name. It's from the original Mario Kart. That track had no rails. They should have done the same with Mario Kart 64, but the bastards probably listened to all the weaklings who wrote in and said "Rainbow Road was too difficult.... oh no.... how will we ever race on such a difficult final track of the game...... oh how I long for the days when final levels were the easiest things in the world...... :sick: "
There is most certainly a Rainbow Road level in F-Zero X. I played the game not too long ago, so I'm positive of this.


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WHAT??? You gotta be kidding! What a ripoff of Mario Kart. I happen to have F-Zero X, but I haven't gotten into it yet because I got it cheap at gamestop and got it mainly for the music.


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You probably thought rainbow road had no railings bacause of the huge hills that let you fall off the map. Banshee boardwalk was cool.


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No actually the original mario cart had no barriers whatsoever on the track. If you ran out of road, you fell off into space and lakatu had to pull you up and put you back onto the track. That is how it was in the original, and all the versions after that should have kept that, because that is what defines the rainbow road track as the last one of the game. If that's not part of it, then it's not the original one. It's a cheap knockoff. I'm curious if the F-Zero version is the exact same layout as the Mario Kart 64 one or if it's a totally different track altogether.