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I would like to clear the air here, there has been so much made of OU the past two weeks; then somehow Texas is a crappy team now. Here are the recent facts, I am sure Mack Brown will have Texas ready for the game in Dallas in a few weeks.

Hmmm...since Mack Brown has been in Austin they have had the highest winning % in the NCAA for that period...and OU is dominating? ...let's look at the facts.

First... OU has lost thier last three of four bowl games and Texas has WON thier last three of four.

2004 Sugar Bowl L LSU 21, Oklahoma 14

2005 Holiday Bowl Oklahoma 17 - Oregon 14

2005 Orange Bowl-USC 55, Oklahoma 19
-an absolute disgrace OU was, just pathetic

2007 Fiesta Bowl, Oklahoma 42-Boise St 43
2003 Holiday Bowl: Washington State 28, #5 Texas 20

2005 Rose Bowl: Texas 38, No. 13 Michigan 37

Jan. 4 2006, Rose Bowl-USC 38, Texas 41
-this will go down as one of the greatest if not THE greatest bowl game ever played.

2006 Alamo Bowl: #18 Texas 26, Iowa 24

Texas is only second to Alabama in records for bowl appearances, OU is down the list.
1. Alabama
7. Oklahoma

Big 12 All-Time Bowl Appearances
Team Total Record
1. TEXAS 46
2. Nebraska 44
3. Oklahoma 40

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I am not going to lie to myself a say OK is a crappy team either, that program has the fourth most national championships behind ND, USC, and Alabama. But, if you compare the two head to head Texas has won more games in the series.


Both Texas and Oklahoma were looking ahead and now they are both outta the National Championship race maybe....The winner has a shot but needs help

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Neither will win the National Championship