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Fact or Fiction, True or False and the Power of Perception!


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Article 2 The power of perception part 1 of 6 - YouTube
Article 2 The power of perception part 2 of 6 - YouTube
Article 2 The power of perception part 3 of 6 - YouTube
Article 2 The power of perception part 4 of 6 - YouTube
Article 2 The power of perception part 5 of 6 - YouTube
Article 2 The power of perception part 6 of 6 - YouTube
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Fact or Fiction, True or False and the Power of Perception! Article 2

In article one I explain that my thoughts are made up of many other thoughts. My intent is to explain logically how I decided what I perceive as truth through experience and knowledge. Knowledge is built up of information received through many sources, first through our parents then through the education system and so on.
Perception is a power, to understand this lets take a look at the definition.

Source perception - definition of perception by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
perception [pəˈsɛpʃən].
1. the act or the effect of perceiving.
2. insight or intuition gained by perceiving.
3. the ability or capacity to perceive.
4. way of perceiving; awareness or consciousness; view advertising affects the customer's perception of a product.
5. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Zoology) the process by which an organism detects and interprets information from the external world by means of the sensory receptors.
6. (Law) Law the collection, receipt, or taking into possession of rents, crops, etc.

Perception shapes our thoughts; it’s your own perception that decides whether something is true or false. A lot of people don’t fully think for themselves, they receive information through outside sources and what ever their perception of how reliable that source is depends on how they perceive the information. Now the majority of people rely on the majority perception of whether information is true or false or what is fact and fiction. Now I am telling you it is proved over and over how operating in this way leads to people becoming very deluded for a long, long time, with the Possibility of eons amount of time. It takes just one brave soul to step out from the bliss of ignorance and face being called crazy to prove the majority wrong.

There are different ways of learning the events which happened before being born. The majority of people I know have relied solely on public educational systems; it was called ‘History’ when I was at school; I like to perceive history as ‘his story.’ Through my own research I can tell you that not everything taught at school is entirely accurate, however we can learn allot from what we are taught. I was taught that just a few hundred years ago as late as the 17 century, that the majority of cultures thought that the earth was flat, even to the extent that if you went too far you would fall off the edge and die. There’s a children show that is broadcast by the BBC its called ‘horrible history,’ my kids love it, I love it because it sheds light on how stupid the human race can actually act when acting and relying on what the majority perceive as the truth.

We all make mistakes or what we perceive as mistakes. I have come to realise that mistakes or negative experience are the Number 1 tool to learn from, its perceived by me by my own life experiences the most reliable source to create wisdom.

Source wisdom - definition of wisdom by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
wisdom [ˈwɪzdəm.
1. the ability or result of an ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight.
2. accumulated knowledge, erudition, or enlightenment.
3. Archaic a wise saying or wise sayings or teachings.
4. Obsolete soundness of mind Related adjective sagacious.
[Old English wīsdōm; see WISE1, -DOM].

Now when acting on wisdom, we don’t tend to make those mistakes again, hence the wise old saying ‘learnt your lesson.’ An early bit of wisdom we acquire is not to touch objects over a certain temperature, we tend to learn this at quite a young age and usually through not listening and making the mistake hence the wise old saying ‘learnt the hard way’. Now I have learnt what could be perceived by many as the hard way of learning quite a lot through out this life time, through these experiences I have acquired a lot of wisdom; to the point, I am my most reliable source of information. I encourage you to research information yourself; you may be in for some right shocks! My intent here is not to create fear but shed some light and encourage you to take time out of your hectic life to start to research on even the most trusted of information handed to you. When carrying out your research, carry it out as if you are the best detective created, that you have a purpose and to find out what your purpose is, why are you here? Learn it! And gain great wisdom, wisdom is a form of information, with the highest amount of light, this is simply perceiving that information is light when acting on love you receive much light. What would you do with this new found light? Share it! Share it with the love of intent not to generate any thought of fear hate and anger. This can be perceived as 'information acted upon with the building block of love is light!' Light to learn from and light to share. Your wisdom that you have collected up over your life time is the best information to act on, love your next perceived negative experience, keep that state of mind then look back and see what you learnt from it, see how not generating any anger will not bring about fear and then hate. Find that love brings the best possible outcome from that experience, minimum amount of negative emotion and love is the tool that brings forgiveness! It effected others by just doing that, be the light and share it! My intent here is to teach you 'the receiver'. The power of perception! How you can use it to assist you, with your ‘Purpose’.

I can say from my own experiences, keep open minded! All information consists of made up thought, with this in mind it is therefore creation and must be given the right when enter your mind the right of half truth! What then perceives that truth by you the receiver is what then makes it true or false? The path I took led me to research allot of half truths and then put them all together to create one big picture, I then used my own experiences of wisdom to remove any static interferences of that picture. This proved a very successful method for myself and simply suggest on using it. Love was the first emotion I got, it was love of having a purpose; I then loved every minute of being that detective. It could be perceived this way, because I put love into it. I found a very logical way of teaching my methods. Enjoy your quest! I would like you to have a break from my thoughts, so that you can gather your own thoughts. Click on the next link, it is an inspirational song and was very inspiring for me and will create all sorts of emotion. Written and performed by a genius called Garret John LoPorto. I look forward to sharing it with you! It is called the ‘The Way Seer Manifesto,’ this can be search on YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

THE WAYSEER MANIFESTO - [Official Video] (HQ) - YouTube

How does the majority usually receive their information? Through the mass media! Most successful journalists go to the scene of the action; some even get ‘tipped off’ as it is important to get the story first. Why is it important to get the news story first? the bigger the story the better in the journalist’s eyes, I can safely state that money has something to do with why it is important to get it first, in fact I can safely say that money is the reason why we don’t get the full truth. It is money that misleads the journalist to act irresponsible and repeat information they have been told by authority as 'the official version of events that took place' with out researching it themselves, hence the old wise saying ‘money is the root of all evil.’ Now it is not the money that is evil, it’s the way people let it rule their life.

I know through my research that we have some major events waiting around the corner which will bring great change and most definitely affect everyone of you. There is going to be a lot of confusion, maybe even a lot of fear generated. I can’t see into the future however I can look at history compare it with now, then put 1 + 1 together and produce an outlook of what could happen if things stay the same.

There are two things that need to happen to bring about change in the way the majority perceives information, either everyone wises up or a major global event that will probably be perceived with a negative emotion by the majority causing more events to happen. This change will always happen, until you realise that it is not the reality you are experiencing that needs to change! It is the way you perceive your reality that needs to change! Love of all things, love of having the power of thought and perception, love of living and love of existing. This love will always be deep with in; it is the spark that motivates you to do anything or nothing. Change always perceived as the constant. My intent here is to teach you that when it starts happening it is a necessary thing that needs to happen for such a change to take place.

How many times have you thought that certain rules that apparently apply to you don’t make sense through your own experience or research? The only rule of law if you like that I let apply to me is ‘Don’t hurt anyone or cause harm’. However there are rules and laws that the majority of people follow which are based on information that can only be perceived by me as a full lie. The lie is in fact genius within it's own right There is much information about this lie, however not presented in my eyes as beautifully as 'John Harris' with such love. Here is the great link that leads you to such wisdom and can only be perceived as full truth by myself. The particular video performed by 'John Harris;' it was perceived by me that it was the result of many genius minds working with the building block of Love can also perceived as ‘genius working with a team of genius's’. Acting on Love, to shed some light on the lies, this act was carried out with the emotion of Love and intent to share it! Love of the truth! And presented in a way not to create GREED! Hate, anger and fear! If you are an American, then my first source to suggest would be a freeman known as 'Dean Clifford' to do with this lie, as Americans are living this lie with a slightly different dress up of labels. It is the same lie! However we use different words to dress it up as truth. 'John Harris's site is ‘www.tpuc.org’; it stands for 'The Peoples United Community.' The video that I would like you to research is on 'www.youtube.com’. The name of the video is’ It’s all an illusion’.

Now a word of caution I don’t intend to generate any fear from watching it, as I will explain towards the end of this article, this is happening for a reason. This is the best time for you, again, to take a break from my thoughts, and look on this one video. Fore it can not be presented by me, any more logically than already beautifully achieved. It will be a very useful ‘tool of information’. It will help evolve your powers of perception as it did me; it is also what will help you perceive the rest of what I write in the correct manner.

My intent here is to encourage you the receiver to watch it before reading on. I would like to quote ‘John’ in the video stating what ‘’Mahatma Gandhi’, once beautifully stated ‘An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind’. So he too was saying don’t react to it in a certain way, with the cause of generating any more hate, anger and fear.

JOHN HARRIS : It's an Illusion | 2009 (FULL VERSION) - YouTube (YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

I tell you also that my intent is to make you aware of the lie and not generate negative emotions or thoughts from it, one reaction you could get at first is amazement of how blind you have actually been and how allot of the problems going on around you will suddenly make sense and why. So if anything the emotion I would like to generate is love, love the fact that you know better now, learn from it! and then act on it! Well if lies believed by the majority are proved by 'his-story.' Then what else could also not be true? I can safely say that the world trade centre twin towers was not blown up by planes, I have researched it allot and I am still unclear on how they came down. One thing I do know for sure its wasn’t the planes alone, there was a building 7 that came down in the same way that didn’t even get hit by a plane, and the official report best chooses to describes the event by just leaving it completely out of the official version of events. I can also say that the Government are covering up something with these lies! Why?

Here is a link; it has a lot of information that is true, my intent here is to use this information to wake you up to the lie. The creation of information, that the government produced and mass media, then repeated by stating it. ‘The official events that took place!’ It states. ‘Bin Laden from a cave premeditated a plan and hi-jacked some planes. Operated them through what can only be perceived by actual pilots as impossible manoeuvres, crashing the planes in to twin towers, and damaging the pentagon. The plan was so thought out that the planes were crashed in such a way that the towers came down at the speed of gravitational collapse,’ as for the reason? Because he is a terrorist! Now I perceive this of having so many flaws it can only be perceived by me as incorrect. The first video link is of a genius called Michael Moore’s, who created a Documentary called Fahrenheit 9/11. This can be found when searched for on YouTube - Broadcast Yourself., not all the information in this documentary is perceived by me as true. However it was one of the biggest bits of information that woke me up to the lie I had currently perceived as truth.

Fahrenheit 911 - The full length movie-Bush cheated in the 2000 election! - YouTube

There is another video you could research created by a Genius called 'Peter Joseph' working with other genius's to produce a video called ' Zeitgeist: The Movie'. It can be found on YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.. The version that I watched, I gain some wisdom from, although again, not all information was fully perceived by me to be fully true. However the necessary information needed by me 'the receiver'; to carry on with my Detective work, of discovering why I am here. My intent always is to improve your powers of perception, and linking the links that had a dramatic result in the way my perception was shaped. Now there are allot of truth movements to deliver the message that it was an inside job and set out to prove their results. Experts have come forward and state that it was the cause of ‘Nano Thermite explosive’ through out the building. They have a man that looks intelligent to explain this. However that to me doesn’t make sense through the research Thermite is so explosive it disintegrates anything that it comes into contact with. So why was there so much paper everywhere! After it collapsed, surely paper would have been the first material to disintegrate? This also goes for the bombings that took place in London tube stations. Did you know the day that the bombings took place in London; the government was carrying out an exercise at exactly the same stations, with exactly the same scenario, I find that very coincidental. Most historians agree that Hitler arranged for a fire in the Reichstag building with in Germany and arranged to make it seem that the Communists had set the fire. It is perceived by me through research and experience that this is the kind of propaganda that Hitler used to start his agenda just on a global level, did you not ever think how a whole nation can become so deluded in such a short space of time and become what can only be described as barbaric, with barbaric thought to have led them to follow Hitler.

I again have to remind you of my intent that it is not to generate fear, but to make you aware what I now perceive as lies through my own research and experience, then explain it in a logical way. If you do end up researching this and you perceive what I have stated so far with the emotion of fear, let me remind you I have no fear of this because I know how powerful my thoughts are and what they can do. I would like to now logically explain how I know this through experience, research and then experimenting with my thoughts. The fact that you have been lied to the very day you have been born, it is fair to say that all thoughts up until then had been perceived incorrectly and allot of what you think you know of the outside world is in fact false or only half true.

So this would include spiritual believes that have been shape through religion and other sources that repeat this information. The belief and spirituality of me is now based solely on what I think and how I act on it, this is the source of my information and I don’t force you to think this way. My intent then is to explain logically that how my beliefs may help you later on when events starts unfolding and how it will have a big impact on your life and people you communicate with in the now. When correctly applied to everyday life, you will always get the best possible scenario out of even the negative of experiences. I have found out that Love is the building block to life, “Ha! Ha! Ha!” you already knew that, ok well let me elaborate love of all things and experiences even the negative ones.

That at first sounds pretty crazy, how can you love someone like George Bush. Well he was born and bread for the role that he had played and now playing, did you know that George’s code name in the secret society he operated in was ‘temporary’. George is in a smaller reality cage than you believe, he has been manipulated beyond believe to the point by what can only currently be perceived as not human. When everything unfolds the only way he will be able to change his thought patterns is through forgiveness and love, now I appreciate that this statement is easy to state when I haven’t lost any loved one directly to his mistakes. However we have to know that George was just a puppet, he has been manipulated from birth just as we have; accept his is a lot more extreme. Now even science and physiology agree that showing anger or hate to anyone that has made mistakes of a certain attitude will only result in more hate and anger. The person to make the mistake will either hate himself if he already doesn’t or be hated by the majority when everyone comes aware of what mistake they had made, due to the way the majority currently operate. Another genius. 'Terence McKenna.’ Describes it with great inspiration! As, ‘society with a virus in its operating system’.

Here is a funny video of him sating his thoughts to do with society.
Terence McKenna - Culture is an Operating System - YouTube

This last part of the article will logically describe what that virus is currently in our operating system (majority consciousness). It is perceived by me when we communicate, a thought is needed. A thought consists of a few procedures carried out by the brain. The cerebral cortex part of the brain

Source cerebral cortex - definition of cerebral cortex by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
Cerebral cortex
‘The extensive outer layer of gray matter of the cerebral hemispheres, largely responsible for higher brain functions, including sensation, voluntary muscle movement, thought, reasoning, and memory.

The cerebral cortex part of the brain is affected by the 'limbic system', part of the brain where we create our emotions and feelings.

Source limbic system - definition of limbic system by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
Limbic System.
A group of interconnected deep brain structures, common to all mammals, and involved in olfaction, emotion, motivation, behaviour, and various autonomic functions.

Emotions are perceived by me as a form of energy, they can also be perceived as small chemicals produced and recycled by a powerful biological computer known as the Brain. These chemicals are known as ‘Neurotransmitters.’

Source "Drugs, Brains, and Behavior - The Science of Addiction" - Drugs and the Brain
How does the brain communicate?
The brain is a communications centre consisting of billions of neurons, or nerve cells. Networks of neurons pass messages back and forth to different structures within the brain, the spinal column, and the peripheral nervous system. These nerve networks coordinate and regulate everything we feel, think, and do.

Neuron to Neuron
Each nerve cell in the brain sends and receives messages in the form of electrical impulses. Once a cell receives and processes a message, it sends it on to other neurons
Neurotransmitters - The Brain's Chemical Messengers.
The messages are carried between neurons by chemicals called neurotransmitters. (They transmit messages between neurons.)

Receptors - The Brain's Chemical Receivers.
The neurotransmitter attaches to a specialized site on the receiving cell called a receptor. A neurotransmitter and its receptor operate like a "key and lock," an exquisitely specific mechanism that ensures that each receptor will forward the appropriate message only after interacting with the right kind of neurotransmitter.

Transporters - The Brain's Chemical Recyclers.
Located on the cell that releases the neurotransmitter, transporters recycle these neurotransmitters (i.e., bringing them back into the cell that released them), thereby shutting off the signal between neurons.

Now what is cause and effect here? With my new power of perception I can state that it is true that thought comes before experience. An experience can also be perceived as a day that was a result of billions of signals creating emotions which affect the way we think.
A simple experience could be the one I sated that I am sure everyone has learnt at an early age. “No! Don’t touch that! It’s burneez!” (The language we created just for babies to understand), you still go to touch it though, don’t you? as you don’t perceive what burneez is, you might of understood no by then, however what is burneez? Eventually you over come the fear created and touch it. You then experience an emotion perceived as pain, hurt and sorrow, you may gather some wisdom from this experience or it might take you a few lessons.

Ok so hopefully we both perceive together that soon as we are born, it’s our experiences that shape our thoughts or what not to do and what to do in life. Soon as we are born we are learning a whole range of perceptions, it is these perceptions and experiences from past perceptions that shape our current perceptions. Science and psychology of the majority consciousness perceives that babies are born with unconditional love, and that it is the outside wide that shapes other forms of emotions into the babies’ life, such as fear, hate, anger, pain and sorrow. However it is through these emotions that other positive emotions are created such as joy, excitement, other forms of love and happiness!

Now for anyone that thinks we are here as an accident that amazes me, it is your perception and you are welcome to it. My perception is we are all originally created by a powerful extremely intelligent eternal mind who received these powers of being able to create anything. Now if I was that mind, my first emotions would be love of having it and wanting to share it, however soon might come the fear of sharing it and losing it. This mind thought up a system that allowed all possibilities, however put a system in place that would allow such a lesson to be taught. This system was built in such away that the only way you could receive all power is by learning to love existing, love every living thing, love every lesson and love the truth with in. That we have been given the power of thought and that we must act on it! The powerful extremely intelligent eternal mind created this thought up then wanted to experience it. Once the thought was completed the powerful extremely intelligent eternal mind experienced it by splitting into two. This is a lesson once taught to me through the public educational system in mathematics; the pattern taught is as follows 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and so on for infinity, eternal! When love is the building block to your thoughts all possibilities exist. Now it is my thought, if this was true by the perception of you ‘The receiver’, then that would be great to act on it. My intent is also, even if you perceive this as not true and you believe the extremes of being an accident, then surely making everyday count and loving everyday you get would be a perception to consider.

Now I soon learnt all though not fully that I had the ability to destroy a calm atmosphere with the way that I could think. I could even communicate these thoughts and create all sort of electrical signals into anything that thinks, such as anger, fear and hate. I also learnt that by being happy, loving and full of intent I could create electrical signals in other thinking machines. I use the word machine as that is what some of these powerful being equal to me are doing, acting like robots by letting people think for them. Also I can see that certain establishments know this, but not aware of why it exists and I am sure if they knew what they were potentially doing. They would forgive them self’s. Forgive the beings that had manipulated them to think this way and use their new powers of perception to promote other things such as new ways of thinking to create a free and loving earth.

One of the means of suppressing beings of equal power is by the use of money. There has been an invention that was thought up in the early 19th century by a man called ‘Nikola Tesla’. He invented an invention that created free energy for everyone. Once the financers found out about this great invention, the thought of the profits that they would lose from no longer being able reap the material wealth from fossil fuels. They suppressed his information and many after him. Another inspirational inventor, 'Wihelm Reich' invented Orgonite, this Orgonite can also be used to harness free energy, it also can be used to create clouds and bust chemical trails sprayed in the air by planes operated by deluded equal beings of power. Lucky for the majority there has been many holders of the light, holders of true information, these beings of equal power based their thought on love of living, love of being able to create change. Change! For change is the only constant, these being thought with love, the love of everyone having free energy, the love of all places of the planet, love of the places that were once rich with life? The place that are now perceived as deserts, 3rd world countries that have been crippled by society operating with a virus such as fear, hate and anger.

My intent is not even for you to believe me! Believe the emotions that you had felt from your past experiences. If you are generating negative emotions because the perception of the 'deluded other beings of equal power'. Also here in your now! Also here to learn this! You simply repeat them by feeling them and generate similar lessons for yourself. This is perceived by me as 'The power of attraction!' Positive thoughts bring about positive experiences depending on how you perceive them. It is true! That. 'The power of attraction!' would benefit you even if this was not true! Then I am sure that the love of everything would even allow beings to reincarnate earth, to learn even more. Planet earth is perfect in every single way, now the only thing that I needed to change to make it perfect was my perception. I believe that many of us might have been here a long, long time. Some of the wiser beings that had travelled up through the dimensions have come back to experience this life time. I would love to be the one to tell you, that you have been learning a long time and that this life time it perceived by me is the life time to integrate it, Graduation!

The fact that you are here for this planets transformation, can only be perceived by me that you are very intelligent beings and knew that you would get much lessons out of this experience. You knew exactly what you were doing! Just as I too knew what I was doing! The fact that you are here means that you should feel very blessed to be given this exciting role. A role where your soul would spiritually evolve, by quite a significant amount! You set up waves of information too assure you of this and keep you on the write track. You set up waves of events that can't be dodged! With this in mind, you are always where you need to be, you have everything you need, not 1 second before however but not one second after! The fear of not having a purpose, the fear of not having what you need, just creates you to experience it in all frequencies!

These are the experiences currently perceived as negative experiences. With this new power of perception! We are a thought that has created the fear of loosing everything to create duality, if perceived correctly then you would agree that you have everything and nothing all at once! If there is no integration! How can you experience the love of love without the hate and anger that fear brings! I can now lovingly look at all my once perceived negative experiences, as gifts! This is the life time that you will put into practice what you have learnt through eons of life times. You will be happy to know that it is my perception of this life time, that it is this life time that every living thing on earth will become less dense, that every living thing on earth will graduate! Every living being that agreed to be here will learn love of living, love of thought, love of all living, love of all possibilities, love of sharing!, love of existing and being given the power of thought and perception! We are part of a collective consciousness! We are a conscience! A way that I love to perceive this is ‘con. Science!' In fact when acting in love; you will be surprised with the synchronicity! We are everything that is, has been, and will be! All at once! Remember before any other thought is made,, it is given everything every single thought that thought has created!, Love! Love of everything! Love is the building block! We are a powerful thought or could be perceived as a Soul that is so caught up in the experience! We are a thought that has created the fear of loosing everything to create duality, if perceived correctly then you would agree that you have everything and nothing all at once! If there is no integration! Love of change! Love of change because with out that, life is dead! However no matter what perception you have after this, it is agreed love of change and change is constant, Change! It is the never ending story!
At the bottom of my Article I will always have inspirational links of other beings thoughts! Such as great websites and great inspiration Acts expressed through every means I perceive as true! So always keep an eye out! I now ask you then in loving intent, comment on my thoughts and spread the thoughts that you get from them!


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