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Facial Recognition


Registered Member
You ever wondered what celebrity you look like? Well, use this nice site to do the leg work for you. Simply upload your picture and see what it says.

MyHeritage.com face recognition - Find the Celebrity in You - MyHeritage.com

Although, I gotta say. This thing seems pretty inaccurate. It labelled me as being a look-alike of P Diddy. I think he's some rapper, nonetheless, he is of 'coloured skin' and I am of white skin. I don't think this thing is too good as far as an accurate match is concerned.
I had a go on one once, and got labelled from anything between Yoda and Hugh Grant.

Anywho have a go on this and let us knowwho it reckons you look like.

And alternately, let us know who you think you look like, in the vast and ridiculous celebrity world.


Registered Member
I tried this a few months back. I got a high score on Amanda Peet. I do actually look a lot like her except my nose and face shape is very different from hers. I also got compared to Ashley Olsen. o_O


Sally Twit
Well I can safely say that is not an accurate website at all as I certainly don't look like Katie Holmes. I tried with a different picture and was getting male results! Charming!