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Facial Hair Care


Creeping On You
I guess this is mainly for the guys, but I guess this could include girls for their eyebrows etc.

Aside from how you groom your hair, how do you take care of it? Any tricks you use for when it gets longer to keep it clean, and soft? For myself, I just use the same shampoo I use in my hair. ITs a 2 in 1 conditioner/shampoo something or other, so it works I guess. I sometimes have problems with my moustache being crinkly at the ends, so then I just trim it slightly. Then its nice and fresh feeling again.

How about yourselves? How do you take care of the hair on your FACE?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I don't do much with my facial hair except wash it with shampoo every couple days and trim it occasionally. After all, most of why I have it is to minimize maintenance.


Problematic Shitlord
I keep a comb handy to take care of knots and I use a moisturizing conditioner in the shower to keep my manly face clean. I'm attempting to see how much I can grow before the girlfriend kills me.


Creeping On You
I've been growing my beard out too, but I gotta keep better trimjobs going on my moustache lol. The two sides won't stop curling down into my mouth. I should invest in one of those facial hair combs, so I can keep myself presentable.


Embrace the Suck
When I had my goatee I kept it extremely short by trimming it about twice a week. I have pretty dry skin so I would shampoo it regularly.


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I grow out my facial hair and just sort of let it go. It's about 1/2 inch or longer before I just get fed up with it and shave it all off. Easier than maintenance.

Obviously I wash it and straighten it out to keep it looking alright. In the end I always end up shaving though. The cycle goes ever on!


I ♥ Haters
I shave my mustache regularly. I like to look as handsome as possible. Sorry, I was extremely tempted to make that joke because I told Iris (a joke obviously) that I had a mustache and goatee combo and she actually believed me... despite having seen NUMEROUS pictures of me :lol2:

Okay, anyways, getting back on topic. I know most people probably think that eyebrow grooming is a pretty minor thing and probably not even worth mentioning, but it's actually very time consuming, not to mention incredibly painful and tedious. For me, eyebrow grooming takes at least 30 minutes - that would include shaping, plucking strays and filling them in with a brow pencil. I also use a concealer to clean up underneath my brows to make them look more intense and defined.

It only takes about 10 minutes if you go to a spa get them threaded by a professional, but I don't let anyone near my brows. They're already naturally small and thin and taking off even a bit of extra hair makes my FACE look weird.


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I never really thought about washing my facial hair because I trim every week to the skin and make it look like a five o'clock shadow and by end of the week, it doesn't grow out too much for me to require it to be washed and primed to the best possible condition. However, I do keep my face clean AFTER a trim with Nivea to smooth it out and reduce any possibilities of rashes and what not. The reason I've taken up to trimming for the last few weeks is because my face doesn't agree with foam based shaving cream, gel only and gel is so messy to use and I just hate the feeling of it.


I'm serious
Well, this is a little embarrassing, posting about facial hair. :lol: But to be fair, if any of you saw how wicked and awesome my bf's beard was about a year ago, after just 10 months of growing it, you'd be jealous.

He had two secrets. The one was combing it. He'd keep a comb in his car and comb it every so often during the day. His other secret (which I don't think helped for the growth as much as the quality of the hair) was Professor Edward J Fuzzworthy's Gentleman's Beard Care Gloss. That stuff is pretty amazing and his beard always looks amazing!!
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