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Facepaint or Masks?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
In professional wrestling, the more intriguing characters often have a mask or facepaint.

Simple question: which is better, facepaint or masks? Give some examples of your favorites.


Well-Known Member
I don't know wrestling all that well so I can't really give any specifics.

I have seen some matches though and honestly I think that the masks look weird, I'd imagine that they're a lot more uncomfortable than paint as well. I'm gonna go with face paint, it's much more unique in my opinion (it has to be custom done every time it's applied)


Son of Liberty
Being that Sting is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time I'm going with facepaint. I loved his face paint from the beginning. Whether it was bright and colorful or black and white he always looked so cool to me.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Facepaint all the friggin way for me!

Demolition and Ultimate Warrior were my favorites growing up so its no contest for me. Sting was another one I liked growing up because of it.

Kane's mask is awesome but I still gotta go with paint.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I have to go facepaint as well...Sting was my favorite wrestler and is probably my #1 of all time. His paint was a part of the fun when he was a happy-go-lucky face and a part of the mystery when he was dark and brooding. I love lucha libre masks and masks in Japanese wrestling, but paint comes with a lot of variety and IMO it can say more about a wrestler's personality in the details.


I am the woolrus
Great muta wins with both.


Then his ridiculously bad-ass masks:

and that's not even counting his even MORE ridiculously bad ass entrance masks:

To be honest pictures don't do him justice how awesome and intimidating he was in the ring. Everything from the moment his music hits, to when he spits the green mist, is pure awesomeness:
Keiji Mutoh/Great Muta Tribute - YouTube
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