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Discuss Facebook Your Pros & Cons


What are your Pros and Cons of Facebook ???

1. to keep in touch with old friend
2. to keep in touch with family members who live in another state
3. some FB games are fun
4. Sending PMs to people

1. people posting pics of their food
2. people posting about abused kids, women and animals
3. Fake news that is being posted
4. People posting their life story for all to read


Well-Known Member
-Quick singular place to check in
-Post life updates for those who care
-Meme sharing

-Most posts are either spam or advertising
-People are much braver and incredibly rude online
-People post low resolution photos constabtly
-I don’t care if people go live but get constant notifications
-Obvious political and religious bias being pushed from Facebook themselves
-Network marketers trying to sell


Sally Twit
I don't care for FACEbook at all, but I like to see pictures of my loved ones and close friends. I also see it as somewhere I can store my many photos. I have a lot of family I don't get to see all that much, so it's nice to see them having fun.
I do like the memes and videos on there, though. I also learn a lot of news through it as well.


Creeping On You
-messenger. Its pretty much how I talk to most friends. I text very few people.
-sharing pictures of shit
-organizing meetups and plans
-having the opportunity to wish friends happy birthday, congratulations, etc when you ordinarily wouldn't be always able to.
-all the people using facebook to complain about facebook
-endless postings of those inspirational quotes over scenery posts
-whatever the fucking algorithm that is that doesn't let you see every post from every friend in chronological order that it was posted. I wanna see everything dammit!