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Facebook Virus Linking Problem


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Hey guys here's the deal, I've been on FB for I think 2 years now and situations like this have come up every once in a while.

I keep getting links from friends saying something like what is in quotations below, especially today, this is the 5th time today.


hey im testin if something works can u click on the link?

http ://www.mspointsgenerators.com/?i=512942
I disabled the link cause I don't want anybody to click on it. (the space between http and ://)

Can anybody confirm that this is a virus? I certainly don't want to use whatever service they are providing.

This is getting really old and I don't want to deal with this all the time.

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Ok thanks for the info.
But i have never encountered such a situation before
Probably because I am not logged in to FB on a daily basis


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I have people talk to me all the time about getting hit with a virus or having problems on Face Book, I have to be honest though, I have not gone over to work on their computers so I couldn't tell you if they got the virus from Face Book, whitehouse dot gov or a popular porn site. I do know that my wife and son spend way more time on face book than what should be considered healthy and none of our systems have fallen subject to an attack.

I do follow a few practices as though they came from the bible though....

  1. My computers in the house (six of them) are not allowed to continuously talk freely to each other over my LAN.
  2. Windows is kept constantly updated.
  3. I have ZoneAlarm installed on all systems for firewall and virus and it is kept updated constantly
  4. I have spybot search and destroy which is also kept updated installed
With these practices I have little to no problems, that and of course the safe cybering practices :D