Facebook Texas Hold Em


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I was just wondering how many people out there play Texas Hold Em Poker on Facebook?? I love it. Find it incredibly addictive. It's great for people who aren't entirely sure about how poker is played.


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Yes, infact I've just finished playing a session.

I particularly enjoy playing in the 'sit & go' tournaments. I'll crack that third table sooner or later.

It's interesting when you play against all the many different people from all sorts of nationalities and to enjoy all the different poker styles that are out there.


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I've played hold 'em on facebook before, personally I don't think it's as good as the poker that we have here, I like the feel of what we have here, I'd be up to play sometime, I want to play poker here some more I miss it.


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Yes I would also like to get poker back up and running here at GF.

Personally I think the facebook poker is better, I've become acustomed to their design and style.

I think we should get a tournament going soon.


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I just played on Facebook for the first time. Did a tournament and won it. Most of the people were idiots. Several of them went all in on the first hand, so one chick had like six times as many chips as me right from the beginning. Ended up going heads up against her. After I took the lead she went all in pre flop literally every hand. I just kept folding until I got decent cards, then called and won.

Hopefully the Level 2 tournament will have some better players.


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I've never used it and I don't plan to. I only use Facebook for keeping in contact with people. I've never felt the urge to play games with them. I don't even have any Facebook applications enabled. I'm boring I guess but that's why I go to sites like GF. Free times is better spent here than Facebook if you ask me.


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I gave it a shot, buts its stupid, people just keeping going all in straight away.

Yeah in tournaments, on the first table, most people go all in. I think it's best to sit tight, unless you got massive pockets, and wait until a heads up situation and let your skill decide your fate.

I finally got to the final table and won a cool $500,000!!

You guys should add me on facebook (Colin Nutton) and we could play some tables.