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Facebook Statuses


When posting up a new status, do you ever find that you censor yourself, maybe because you're worried a family member or friend might get offended or think you are bat shit crazy? Or do you just say "screw it" and post whatever you want, whenever you want?

I'm definitely part of the second group, I post whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it is ridiculously offensive and sometimes it's just something weird. Don't get the wrong idea, most of my statuses are normal - what I'm doing or lyrics, I'm not that fucked up but I have had a few family members actually delete me. It was a proud moment for me. :lol:


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I don't really censor what I say on facebook. Or delete comments my friends write either, even though I have most of my family on facebook. Even my grandad is on there!

But if i'm posting something I don't want my family to know about, or question me about, then i'll just use the hide from certain people option. Greatest tool ever.


At the moment I post a status I don't think much about the reactions.
I mostly think about the responses to my status, especially when you GFers write the word "kar" :lol: .
Most of my Albanian contacts are like "wtf?"

But I can pretty much write any status I want without worrying about any family members.


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I only have two members of family on my facebook, and they are ones who I could probably not offend that easily.

Other than that, the only people I like to hide things from are those from my job. So if I'm on a laptop, and want to post something dodgy, it's alright as I can use the settings, but on the mobile site I just have to not post it.


still nobody's bitch
I definitely censor myself; all of my family and a lot of family friends from my mom's church are my friends. I can be completely myself here so it doesn't bother me to have to censor myself on facebook. It's analogous to hanging out with family vs. hanging out with friends in real life - each setting calls for a different set of behaviors.


Creeping On You
I don't censor myself. Well, apart from putting curse words in my status. Thats more because I have silly christian people on my facebook that think it's okay to berate me about them. It annoys me to listen to them, so I just avoid using the F word lol. Otherwise, I have no qualms about putting anything else.


Babeasaurus Sex

Oh dear no I never censor myself...my statuses are normally my random musings for the day...like I want to be/have a dinosaur...etc.

Even when I am ranting I never censor it...unless its about work and then I use a cryptic code :)


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I hate having to censor myself, that's probably the main reason I don't have any of my older family members or their friends on my account. However people in work have gotten in trouble for posting certain things on Facebook so I do occasionally rethink a status if it's work related. I sometimes wish people would censor themselves a bit more though, if for nothing else than to spare their own dignity. I cringe so bad when I see something attention seeking like, "I am so miserable right now, I can't believe things are this bad. Nobody cares and I may as well be dead. If nobody comments on this I'm going to kill myself".
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I don't have any family members on my Facebook, so I'm not afraid to censor myself for that. But I do have an important job, and I censor myself because of it. I do say some things that are a bit over the top at times, but for the most part I'll keep it clean.