Face/Heel switches


Haters gonna hate.
In either TNA or WWE, who would like to see switch from heel to face or face to heel? Don't be afraid to go out there with your choices.

In the WWE I would love to see Cena make a Hollywood Hogan-esque heel turn for pure shock value.

In TNA I would think that a Beautiful People face turn could be interesting to watch as would an Hardy heel turn.


Sultan of Swat
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John Cena turning heel would be a shock but I don't think it would be a Hogan shock factor. But I would love to see him turn heel as well, but I doubt the WWE would ever do it.

I would love to see Jericho turn face as well, I know he's such a good heel right now, but I wouldn't mind seeing be a face once again.


Sultan of Swat
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You could of said the same thing about Orton, but they were able to change him face. I think it could be fairly easy to turn Jericho into a face. Just make him feud with a heel and let him start telling his jokes. We all know that he's hilarious, so it no time people would start cheering for him in no time.


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Haha...I so miss Jericho saying that...



Jericho going face would be AWESOME! Cena going Heel would be pretty big, if they do it right.