3ds Face Decoder


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Well...after playing with Samus and several other people, I started to wonder why it was that I was the only stoned character that I have come across. After doing some research I came across this place.

Aparently, based upon your awnsers when riding with Kappn to your town that determines your face. Go to http://www.animalxing.com/faceguideww.php
to figure it all out. Im the last guy face...the stoner, I think he looks the coolest:cool:


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The faces aren't actual screenshots from the game, right? So, is it a big difference? Does it look sort-of alike? It may be the same face but just drawn differently than you interpret it.


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They are pretty much the actual in-game face screen shots. My stoner has those kind of eyes but a little more purple than the color shown. And the guys that look gay actually look gay on the game :p


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I carnt remember the answers I picked, but I'm pretty sure I was:

1. Kapp'n: Jumpin' jellyfishes...I've had about enough of this here rain!
B: I like it!

2. Kapp'n: So tell me, player name. Why are ye settin’ sail fer town name?
A: I'm moving.

3. Kapp'n: Do ye have enough to get settled?
B: Kinda...

So just as in life, I look pretty skittish :-S