Face cleaner


What do you use as a face cleaner?
(especially if you have oily skin).

i've used L'occitane face cleaner
then Palmolive cleaner
but now i'm sticking with Dove soap.

what do you recommend?


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I use different Clean&Clear facial soaps. I just started using their products last year. I like them a lot more than Noxema or Neutrogena.


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I use a natural one called natural attitude because I work with chemicals most days. I find it really good. And you can also get one for oily skin.
Me too, I'm good with water and soap, easy on the soap. I don't like putting stuff with ingredients that I can't pronounce on my face. I do know that it's beneficial for some skin types though, but be careful! I've heard that St.Ives Apricot Scrub is really good.


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I use Purpose gentle face wash. I don't know what exactly is in it, because half the label is washed off from being in the line of fire of my shower head.