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XBOX Original Fable


New Member
Now you young ones, have any of you played the console game, Fable, before?

If you have, enlighten me f what your experiences are with this fine little game.

Please, tell me your thoughts, possible enhancements that could be made with the game, any strategies that you may have.

Ofcourse, I have finished this excellent game, but perhaps you could help newcomers, even I might provide some help, some strategies to the lower experienced plaers of this game.




New Member
I was expecting a lot more out of Fable. It was fun. I liked the control you had on character alignment. But I was expecting a much more grand experience. Plus it was way too short. I'm glad I played it, it was enjoyable, but I'd love to see a more fleshed out sequel.

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Good to see you have replied in here, now for me to raise some points on some of the things that you said in your post.

Yes, the game may be short, but that is why Fable: Lost Chapters came out, and that is pretty good actually, but I didn't have the patience to finish it all over again, especially with that stupid mission where you have to save the archaeologist from going to jail, or something like that, and you got to save him, and there is a time limit, and there is many enemies trying to kill you.

And I really hate time limits, they bug the hell out of me, and the Jail mission, where you are in Jail, and you have to go in that running tournament, and in that mission/Quest, you lose all your gear, but later get it back again, is a bit silly, although that is probably what would happen, but I doubt, after the renown you get from beating the Arena, that you would get thrown in Jail, but I do think that Jack of Blades had something to do with it, correct?

Well anyway, I really do want to see what new stuff has been added, since I do own the video game, Fable: Lost Chapters, but I do not want to go through those stupid quests that I hated doing the first time, and then having to do a second time.

But, from what I have seen so far, it seems pretty good, although I havent seen many new weapons yet, in fact I haven't seen a single new weapon yet, which is quite bizzare indeed.

One thing that would really be good with a game like this, is the ability to use Shields.

I mean, come on people, the game is an RPG, with swords, bows and arrows and all that, but you couldn't include shields?

And the way to block is with your sword, and the block, he puts his sword like above his head?

Like the enemies are going to aim there every single time, I mean if my opponent did that, I would just go for his chest, which he left wide open for me to cut into.

It seriously is pretty weird, and the use of Shields would have been much better in a game like this, much much better in fact.

The control of the game is probably perfect, and the ability to choose alignment is awesome, I can choose to be either the three following things:


Usually, the easiest one to be, is probably Evil, as it involves killing good people, like Trader's, Guards, etc etc.

Being Good, well that is sorta easy as well, you can kill Bandits and do quests, like helping and saving people and all that, then you can be good.

Neutral, well, who really wants to be neutral?

I really cannot wait to see what Fable 2 would be like, I hope it is better then the first one, if that is even possible, since it is basically a perfect game right now as it is.

I hope to see some comments from this.




New Member
I don't why, but this game just wasn't good in my opinion. Everyone I talked thought it was good, I guess I was just the black sheep.
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