Xbox 360 Fable II


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Amazing game! I'm about 7-8 hours in and it's pretty goddamn good. If you liked the first Fable, this one is longer, stronger, more weapons, more monsters, and a much bigger world with a lot more to do.

I'd review it, but I'm too busy playing.

What do you think?


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When will this be on the PC does anyone know? Because I prefer playing games on PC for some reason lol.


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I really havent heard much about the game or the gameplay. It kinda flew in under the radar for me.

I thought the first Fable was way too short and the creator made several promises that he didnt deliver. I didn't really look into Fable II because of it's predecessor but it seems to have gotten some positive reviews.


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It's much bigger. It's by no means a sandbox title, but there's a ton of stuff to do and accomplish and the game itself is beautiful.


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I liked Fable a lot, except I think the final boss, Blades (something along that line), was really easy to kill.


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I'm passing it over for Fallout 3 at the moment. But only because I want Fallout 3 that little bit more and I don't currently have the cash for 2 games.

Unless I can find both of them pre-owned, but that will result in a lot of searching.
I reserved this game about a month before it was released, got the speacial eddition and everything. I nearly shit my pants when I got it, and I wasted my whole Fall break playing it. You could say I was sickly addicted... I have always been a really huge fan of Fable, but I am going to have to disagree with a few things..

I wasn't to happy with Fable II. It wasn't nearly as long as Fable: Lost Chapters. The game also lacked of a plot, like it was cut short in a way. I missed the armor and they only had three towns. Not only that, but only 9 demon doors that were, saddly, very easy to open. I think the creators really spent their time on your free time in the game, such as starting a family, doing jobs and buying buildings/stores/bars.

However, the game was very fun. Easy, but fun. The new expressions are priceless, and the interaction is much better. It's funnier, to. (Such as getting STDs from hooking up with a fat male hooker) The side quests are great and even the guns are cool!(I was a little worried about the whole 'guns' thing) But Once you get a good weapon, everything dies within two hits.

Overall I adored this game, but still a bit dissapointed. And what sucks, was that there wasn't even really an ending battle. It all just...happens. But the graphics are gorgeous and having a dog is a lot of fun to. And the whole design of your hero being good or evil was great too. But I still think they could have put in a bit more to the plot.

Overall, I give this game an 8/10. I heard that they were going to make atleast another two Fables. Wonder if it a rumor?


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I just finished crushing the game myself and I have to say, the most fun was laying waste to Bloodstone, buying everything, and ruling over it as king.

It's good to be king.