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XBOX Original Fable Bests


Registered Member
I'm starting this thread as a sort of Fable scoreboard. I'm currently playing through The Lost Chapters... I'll be using this to keep track of my stats. Anyone who wants to join in the fun and owns Fable or The Lost Chapters, feel free to. My list will be limited to what I have done something with to start with.. but I'll keep you guys updated.

Best Chicken Kick: 28.03 m
Biggest Fish: 50.76 grammes
Pairs High Score: 18.7 seconds


Secret Agent
Staff member
Awesome. I always wanted to try this game but never got around to it. I won't ask questions in this thread though so it doesn't get cluttered. Hopefully some others can post their scores as well. :)

FYI I've started a new thread with some questions about Fable: http://www.gameforum.com/showthread.php?t=5005 :)


New Member
Ive only played Fable not the Lost Chapters, have to get into that. Love the game though lots of fun.


Registered Member
I'm the same as Miller, played Fable but havent play Lost CHapters. Is it a continuation of Fable?
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