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PC Games F.E.A.R.



This game is amazing. Multiplayer, the guns are a little unbalanced, but the game is still goddam awesome. I loved the campaign.


I've had it since it came out, and I still haven't beaten it. Not because it's scary, but because I honestly find it boring and repetative. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good game; but I'm kind of sick going through offices listening to answering machines.

I'm too busy with Oblivion and CS:S.

I hope the ending is good, to make up for some of the earlier mediocre plays.


Film Elitist
Playing F.E.A.R. in the dark is fun. Especially when you get to the part where you climb down the ladder and you turn around and the little girl is right there. Then you turn around when you get to the bottom and the guy is there walking toward you.

I heard that a sequel to F.E.A.R. is being produced, but Sierra isn't making it. Just a rumor.

Another cool F.E.A.R. tidbit, go to youtube and check out the interview with Alma, the little girl.

+KJ Sensei+

SOAD2k8 said:
I played through the demo and it's extremly fun! I haven't got around to getting the full game, though. And, yes, it is comming to Xbox360, too
It is comming to the 360? Well that's awsome! Definetly one of my favorite PC games. I am currently playing the game but I haven't got around to finishing it because I have been pretty busy. I love the freaky content like that girl that mysteriously apears...^^

+KJ Sensei+


This must be my favorite game for a while. The gameplay and the graphics is just amazing. It's just so realistic.

I like the fact that the AI is actually good. In other games they just stand while you shoot at them, unlike in this game they dodge, and attempt to sneak up on you. Just makes it that much extreme and interesting.

The storyline is interesting as well, and kinda creepy when your runningg around in the dark and you hear the little girl laugh. Lol, gives me the creeps especially when I am playing 2 in the morning.


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I am addicted to this game online. I play with the name 'Turkish'. Usually in TDM games. If you see me say hi.