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Many many forums about eyes and eyesight
but all of them about eyesight problems

Not even one about how good is your eyesight
wheres all the positive threads about eyesight?

Anyone wanna talk about good eyesight,'cause
this thread would be it to talk about,it :)

examples,experiences;how has it helped your life (given advantage)
why you think you have good eyesight,does eating certain food
from very young of age effect your eyesight,stuff like that.
can you beat genes/genetics fit food?

PS. never done anything like this (registered to any chat/message forums)
so i'm new at this,ergo all the negative(trolls,etc.) posters,don't post 'mkay.
Personally i think i have really good eyesight,although obviously
not as good as,let say when i was 12yrs old,but still pretty darn good.

Especially night sight, which is partically good,well at least i think :) .

I really believe,(for me anyways) lot of have to do with eating
certain things from very young age,for example blue berries
and carrots,especially blue berries.

Ive been eating blue berries from a forest since...
well as long as i can remember..3,4,5...and lots of them!

I still eat fresh berries,not as much i used to,but every now and then.

Why i believe it has had an effect and its not just genes or whatever
well the thing is,rest of the family and many relatives
have relatively poor eyesight and have eyeglasses and can't see very well in the dark
few exceptions.my grandma (who i know also ate all kinds of
berries and vegetables when she was young)

I like to eat carrots too (uncooked) and my other healthy food.

I like to mention that in the last 10-15 years ive
watched lots of tv and stared computer screen quite alot
and it haven't effected my eyesight,much.

maybe it is genes and eating certain things have no effect
but i like to think that, it does effect ... you know that old saying
you are what you eat has lots of scientific truth in it.
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Free Spirit
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Eating right of course helps, that I can't argue with but its not going to stop damage done by things like the sun or age related problems. A lot of people have great eyesight when young but when they get in their 40's many notice a change.

Presbyopia: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

The reason people don't talk about good eye sight is because what do you say about it when there is no problem.

I'm not sure looking at a computer will make your sight worse, some say yes and some say no, but it will cause eyestrain and give you a headache if you look too long.


Does looking at a computer damage your eyes?


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Hi Espoff. Thanks for joining us at GF forums. Yeah we're all okay. We are just everyday citizens, well not prisoners that escaped San Quentin to take over this forum ...just kidding.
Okay on the topic. Most of the members know me around here. They know about my vision loss. Okay, however on posting forums I try not to drag that out all day that feel sorry for me attitude. But sometimes I do need to share the challenges I face. Okay there are both good and bad days..
I grew up having eye sight. So I can relate to your post. Since I lost my vision in my 30's I did not go through the getting older aspect of it. I lost it from optic nerve pressure. This is the central nerve for your vision. A person with a tumor such as a friend Joe almost lost his vision because the optic nerve is inside the brain as well. Usually though inside the brain the nerve is generally safe.
A person after 30 years old should get eye exams every six months. Always to get a pressure check. If the doctor makes you use the air pressure machine and you don't like the air blowing, request him or her to use the equipment to take your eye pressure. They may also have hand held as some ophthalmologists do. Yeah you can tell I was a resident at these doctors offices. I just wish I knew the names of these machines. When I was a kid they used these animals to look at to distract my attention because as a kid I got nervous even though it never mostly hurt.. but I did have shots in the corners in between the eye and nerve pockets. .
When I did have vision I could as good as most people read books, newspapers and any instructions. Was able to see and describe colors. I ate carrots and apples, oranges and bananas often in High school. My eating did not prevent my vision changes. . But a good diet can help a person with normal eye sight helping to preserve them longer. but these diets helps the entire body as well. So even though it did not work for my eyes the good nutrition worked in all other places. .
Oh yeah I used to shoot baskets. I was well enough to make them. I played ping pong, I was good at this more than any other sport I can think of. Pool, well I was okay but have trouble hitting the right spot on the cue ball. Bowling was okay but less than 200. Football played okay but my hands are better to catch a junior size than a professional. You need big hands to have full control to throw and catch the NFL footballs. Softball was a better batter than a catcher. I caught the ball well if you throw it straight to me. But a pop fly I almost dropped every time. I can't know how to line up my glove correctly. .so I used my eyes to watch out for cars. So I once had good eye sight..
Well now I don't have sight, but at least I have the memories. I then can relate to what other people are talking about if it is described well enough. Perhaps I still won't fully grasp the full picture of describing landmarks for example. But I am pleased if anyone tells me see the hills. they are green hills. I see giant rocks on top. I live through others peoples eyes.


I would suggest you look into the study of epigenetics. This is the study of how different environmental factors can make certain genes express and others shut down. The more we learn about what activates and deactivates different genes, with respect to what we do and what we eat, the more we'll understand how to keep ourselves healthy even in spite of genetic predispositions or defects.

I have lived my life with RP, a degenerative eye disease. When I was very young I used to wear my glasses all the time, and every time I went to the eye doctor, I walked out with a stronger prescription. However, at a certain point I stopped wearing them because I didn't find them comfortable. I did however notice that when I went to the eye doctor after that I heard the phrase "No significant change". It occurred to me that the very device meant to help my vision was actually making it worse. The muscles that focus my eyes were getting lazy and weak because of my increasing dependence on the lenses.

One of the side-effects of my condition is the development of cataracts. It wasn't long ago that they got bad enough that I could no longer cope well so I went for the operation to have them removed. Since then I've been able to see even better than I ever could with my glasses. It has given me an even greater appreciation for the value of vision.

- Chameleon