Eyeball Controlled Gaming?


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Sounded kinda weird to me at first but this is actually a pretty neat technology that they've developed;

Engineering students in London have developed a controller that enables eye-controlled movements in a video game, signaling the possibility someday for people with severe physical disabilities to enjoy video games for the first time.

The students, from Imperial College London, constructed the controller as a pair of glasses containing an infrared light and a webcam to record the movements of one eye. That camera was linked to a laptop, where a program the students had written synchronized the player's eye movements to the game - in this case, a version of Pong.

The students and their faculty supervisor think the technology is proof of concept for creating more complex eye-controlled games, while also enabling eye control of wheelchairs or cursors on a computer screen.

The best part? It was constructed for a thousandth of the cost of current state-of-the-art eye movement technology. The students' rig cost roughly £25 to make. High end eye movement systems for use in brain research cost about £27,000.

Eyeball-Controlled Pong Could Be Breakthrough for Disabled Gamers - Research - Kotaku


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If it went mainstream I can see some huge uses for it. I mean like outside of just making gaming accessable to those that are disabled.

But think about that... I mean a device that responds to eye movement? That could be huge for games that rely on free moving camera angles. Can you imagine a FPS where instead of having to move a joystick to look left.... you just look left! :hah:


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I think that the technology looks fascinating and, if it catches on, will revolutionise the gaming world for young disabled people.

Whether the gaming world (and its brain-rotting, frustration-inducing, fist-clenching experiences) is a good thing remains questionable. =P


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Woah sweet. Maybe this is when gaming start a new revolution and creates this thing where you put on your head, over your eyes, and it teleports you to the gaming world. And then you can control you body just like you do in real life, and everything would be extremely...like...EPIC! :lol:


No. For me that is. While it's great for disabled people and people who actually want something new, I don't like it. Why is that? It's because I hate this whole motion control gaming trend going on. I'm a lazy gamer. I like to sit back and zone out while playing a game. Also, I don't play for 10 minutes and have a 10 minute brake, I play for hours sometimes. Can you imagine the stress on the eyes after playing hours on end with this eye movement invention? @[email protected]

If they give the option to continue using controllers/keyboard & mouse it's all find by me. If they manage to somehow force us to use our eyes for such a product I'll be buying another console.
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