PlayStation 3 Eye of judgement and Little Big Planet

I am going to be buying a PS3 soon and these are two titles I am for sure getting. I like seeing games where they put something new in it. I hate seeing the same old RPG or run and gun games over and over again.

Eye of Judgment is a card based battle game that uses the Play Station Eye camera to see the card you are playing on the play mat and projects them on your tv. This game is online and two player. it looks like a great way to mix TCGs and the PS3 together. I am hoping that they do this for Magic and Yo-Gi-Oh. This game was made with help of Wizards of the Cost and Hasbro so I have a feeling that is game was introed to see if it would take of so that they could make magic and other games for it. I think this game is worth the money for anyone who has liked TCG or has ever wanted to try them.

Little Big Planet is another interesting game. They give you a person call sack boy. you get to custumize this sack boy how ever you want. Then they give you all the tools and let you make your own levels. Then you can visit other peoples levels and play and edit them. This way the game promises to always be changing and improving.

So these to games are using the PS3 tech to invent new and fun games. If ether of these sound interesting check them out and I hope to see you on PSN someday....