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Extremely Geeky Things to do in an Elevator


New Member
If you didn't want to scream at anybody, you could always just strike up a conversation with someone, get their names, you know. then hit the buttons and race the elevator. Then get back on and strike up a conversation like the first one had never happened.

Or you could just stand in the corner, saying, "Any minute now...Any minute now..."


Secret Agent
Staff member
Maybe that book should be called "For Jerks Only." :D

One thing that nobody mentioned is wait until an elevator is full and then press the alarm button. Nobody would know exactly who did it and it would cause some awkwardness.

It could also get you in big trouble. It might be more fun to think about than to actually try. :D


New Member
Another good one is to whistle or hum the first 7 notes of it's a small world after all. Over and over. You could also, when it comes to your floor, start to try to pull the doors open, and when they open automatically, act flustered.

Or there's always the classic: Shave!


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Staff member
Here's a fun one I just thought up for you guys to try out.

Dress up in a brown robe with a tan undergarment, i.e. like a Jedi...

So get dressed up like a Jedi and then stand in the elevator and talk about the force. Tell people the force will be with them as they leave.

Move your hands apart (or towards each other) slowly just before the elevator doors open or close.

Move your hand (palm down) in a slow upward(or downwards depending on which way the elevator is going) jerk just as the doors close.

People will think you are using the force to control the elevator.


Go to a place where you know the security people and where the elevators have cameras. Ask a buddy to change the direction of the elevator as you motion your hands up or down. Since you are "changing" the direction of the elevator, the motions can be a little more intensified here. Think of Yoda raising Luke's ship..

Tell him not to start until some people start making fun of you when doing it just based on the normal up and down movement. It will catch them by surprise when suddenly you are able to reverse the elevator direction over and over.

Like I said, you'll need a spotter on the inside for this one.


what? no pink?
oh my! that one is hilarious. That would be so much fun to do. can you imagine the people who would want to get off immediately!! LOL


I don't care if you are in a wheelchair Grandma we're out of here and taking the stairs!:D


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I got one for you all..

Jump in the middle of a crowed elevator and do the Carlton and finish it up by exiting the elevator while doing the worm. :-o :lol: :D


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If you wanted to be alone in the elevator and its too crowded, the best thing that you do is a long FAAAAAARRRRRT!!! Nyhahahaha.....