Extreme Tailgating


rainbow 11!
Do any of you guy tailgate to the extreme? Go all out on the clothes, car, and booze?

My sister's fiance loves Purdue. So him and his two buddies bought a short bus, painted it black with gold accents, and then installed a bar at the back of the bus. They even put in a place for a keg, and a keg tap on the outside of the bus so they won't have to go in the bus to get the beer.

Then they added surround sound speakers, a CD player, a bar, and made it a rule that whoever tailgates on the bus has to sign the inside on the sides and ceiling. It's pretty badass.

The Short Bus


Creeping On You
When you go to a sporting event, before the game and after, it's popular to sit on the tail gate of your truck and drink. People will sit in a circle of lawn chairs in the parking lot at the rear end of their vehicle. I've seen this at the bomber stadium. They usually get there about 3 hours before the game starts, and start drinking. It's actually illegal here in Winnipeg. The whole 'drinking in public' thing gets in the way. (I think that a lot of cops just look the other way though). I've never tailgated myself.


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I've never done it myself, I know it's very surprising, but my brother did it once at a Bills game, he said it's pretty hardcore, some people have five kegs, and this is only before the game. They usually get there eight hours or before the game starts and drink, party, listen to tunes and all that neat stuff. I'll definitely try to go to one sooner or later.


rainbow 11!
lol! Tailgating is when you go to a sports game before it starts and drink, eat, socialize, and all that jazz at your car before the game.


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lol! Tailgating is when you go to a sports game before it starts and drink, eat, socialize, and all that jazz at your car before the game.
I almost read that as jizz. I blame your avatar.

I don't think we do that here. I think we just turn up, go in and watch. I've honestly never heard of it until now.


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I've tailgated, not to the extreme. BBQ, drink a couple of beers and just socialize. I don't have any vehicle painted or anything like that. I had a friend weld a small BBQ pit for me that I can hook up to my trailer hitch of my truck.
Yeah same, I never heard of it either, we definately don't have that here. I have been to a fair few games though over your side and seen it, but I just assumed they were hungry and randomly had the facilities to have a BBQ and drinks out the back of their cars :lol: It was only a couple people doing it.
I attend a tailgate party of a friends family for Ohio State home games. It's run by people that own a home theatre store, so it has HD and full surround sound (they don't go to the games, they just tailgate). They also have tons of food and beer, and their own port-o-toilets. It's a damn nice set up, and makes me look forward to Ohio State football even more than usual.