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PPV Extreme Rules 2015


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
As of right now we have three matches:

Cena vs. Rusev
Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton
Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett

Shaping up to be a good card - even though two out of three we done at WrestleMania. Should be a good show none the less.
Fully expect to see Naomi vs Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship. Kinda hoping Naomi wins it. Nikki's run has been long enough. But kinda thinking they might be waiting for Charlotte to debut and take the title away from Nikki.


Registered Member
-Kidd/Cesaro vs New Green Day: Champs retain here.
-Harper vs Ambrose: Possible match of the night, not sure who goes over but I'll say Ambrose, who should be in line for a big push.
-Rusev vs Cena: As much as I wish Rusev would get the title back, he won't and Cena retains.
-Ziggler vs Sheamus: Horrible, horrible stipulation but will no doubt at least be a quality matchup, I guess Sheamus wins.
-Bryan vs Barrett: Unless a miracle happens then Bryan won't be at the PPV so I'm guessing they put Neville in against Barrett which could be fun.
-Naomi vs Nikki Bella: Couldn't give two you know what's about this match, Naomi winning only happens if Brie screws over Nikki. So Cena's girl retains here.
-Reigns vs Show: Wow how Roman has fallen in a month, he'll no doubt win this but we won't be rid of Big Show for a good while.
-Rollins vs Orton: Kane will probably end up trying to cost Seth the match but to no avail as it's too early for him to lose the title. Bray may interfere possibly.
Let's see for my picks:

Swinging Cats vs New Day: Easy pick here. Kidd & Cesaro retain. No brainer.

Ambrose vs Harper: I think that Ambrose is way overdue for a PPV win so I'm picking him in what should be a great match.

Cena vs Rusev: Cena retains for sure. 'Cause...you know, he's John Cena.

Ziggler vs Sheamus: As much as I love Sheamus as a heel, I always found that stipulation dumb. Sheamus will probably win it but there won't be any "arse kissing" as something will happen to set up Sheamus' next feud.

-Not making any prediction about the IC title match but like BourneofDarkness just said, I wouldn't be surprised to have a bonus match featuring Neville vs Barrett.

Nikki vs Naomi: I'm gonna go with Nikki Bella going over but by DQ. I've been looking at Naomi's attitude this week and she reminds me so much of 2 Cold Scorpio during his heel run in ECW. She has that same swagger and I think WWE should exploit that new trait of Naomi.

Reigns vs Show: No-brainer again as Roman Reigns will go over Big Show. 'Cause Roman needs to look strong.

Rollins vs Orton: I'll go with Seth Rollins retaining the championship. I think that Kane will interfere but will cause Seth to win....while trying to give Orton the victory. I'm assuming that they're planting the seed more and more for an eventual Kane vs Seth Rollins match (Money in the Bank maybe?) so they'll probably really be promoting Kane breaking away from the Authority before the summer comes.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Kidd and Cesaro - I'm hoping it's a solid victory for them and a full heel turn for New Day.

Dean Ambrose - I didn't even know this was added lol

John Cena - The champ will be here for a while.

Sheamus - I don't think they'll take his momentum away, but I don't think the stipulation will go as planned

Wade Barrett - Barrett is a safe bet if Bryan can't compete

Roman Reigns - Ooooo-waaaah

Nikki Bella - Because...I have no idea

Seth Rollins over Orton - Should still be a great match but somehow Rollins will come out on top. I hope that Kane goes full on face/back to mask and somehow is involved. I guess they could save that for Monday.


Registered Member
Hiya fellas... been a while...

Cesaro/Kidd retain
Ambrose beats Harper
Sheamus beats Ziggler
Cena retains
Nikki retains
Barrett wins the title if Bryan is able to compete
Reigns beats Show
Rollins retains


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I've been reading that fans are upset if Ziggler is going to lost tonight. I think it's somewhat of a given since Sheamus is recently returned and building heel momentum. Is it really that big of a deal? I'm a huge Ziggler fan but sometimes people just lose and it doesn't equate burying. I also say wait until you can see how it plays out.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Barrett over Neville


Registered Member
Kidd and Cesaro retain the tag titles
Bad News Barrett over Neville
Ambrose over Harper
Sheamus over Ziggler
Nikki retains the divas title
Reigns over Show
Cena over Rusev to retain the US title
Rollins over Orton to retain the World title
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