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Politics Extreme Politicians


aka ginger warlock
The British National Party leader Nick Griffin has made news today as he has been declare bankrupt - not many people will be upset by this.

The BNP are at their core a racist, bigoted party who do not allow members of other cultures and of other race other than White British enter their party because they are seen as the scum of the earth and encapsulate everything that is wrong with the world.

If you would like to know what he is about please watch the video below:

BNP Nick Griffin Humiliated on Question Time, 1 - YouTube

And then watch this one because it is bloody hilarious!

Cassetteboy vs Nick Griffin vs Question Time - YouTube

Now there is question as to why such a party given their foundations is even allowed to be a part of the UK Government and I would tend to agree with that. The BNP will never come to power, thankfully there are more people who believe that what comes out of his mouth is rubbish and I am very please by this.

My question is should parties like this be allowed to exist? If they are so extreme should they be tolerated or should be ousted? During the riots in the UK some years ago Nick Griffin said he would come to Liverpool, he did so because in the past there ha been high tension of Black and White people, this thankfully is no longer the case but the riots were about a black man being beaten by the police. The outstanding message from a lot of people both black and white was to not come, we did not want him and we do not need him.

But where do you stand on this?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I haven't watched the video but I have a good idea of the type you are talking about. I say let them stay so people can see what kind of people some are. That way they can't sneak in out of nowhere or showing up in other parties and fool people into believing they have their best interest in mind. We are often fooled enough by politicians as it is.

Politicians often use events like that for their own personal gain. Showing up uninvited is getting where it does them more harm than good because people are wising up to these tactics.


Registered Member
In Germany, we have a neo-Nazi party too, called the "National Democrats" (NPD). They're maybe even more extreme than the BNP, they even want to replace the democratic system with dictatorship and openly praise Hitler. That party has won 1.2% of the votes in the last national election, but managed to enter two state parliaments with 5.6% and 6.0% of the votes. When the Dresden bombing in WW2 was commemorated by the Saxon government (including a commemoration for the fallen Allied soldiers), the NPD MPs started a campaign, calling that event "a Holocaust against the German people".

Should such a party be allowed to exist?

I think there are two things to consider: A) Is it effective banning such a party when it comes to reducing racism? B) Is it okay to ban parties in general, because freedom of speech should even apply to extremists?

As for A), I'm not sure. Their followers and voters won't vanish just because that party is banned, and their racism will still be there. And as long as the party exists, it can at least be observed by the security authorities. On the other side, maybe allowing that party to exist, that gives and extra platform for such opinions and helps them spreading their hate. So I am not sure.

As for B), I think banning certain extremist parties is okay, but only under very specific circumstances: It must not be the executive banning them, but only indepedent courts are allowed to do so. It must be proven on court that this party is not just rhetorically against the constitution (and thus against basic human rights and democratic order), but even is violent/militant.

And that's exactly how law is in Germany: Extremist parties can be banned when these conditions are met. That a party is anti-constitutional is not reason enough, it must also be proven that they are violent or militant. And the party gets a fair trial at court.

So far, only two parties have been banned ever since 1949 in (West-)Germany: In 1953 the Nazi "German Reich Party" and in 1956 the revolutionary Communist Party (KPD). Like ten years ago or so, there was already an attempted ban against the NPD, but the court decided against a ban, because the proof against the party was not sufficient. I hate the NPD, but I think better we err on the side of not banning than on the side of banning a political party.