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Extra Buttons on Keyboards?


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Well this thread may require some explaining.

Does anybody use the extra buttons on their keyboards?

I mean buttons such as

volume up
volume down

they launch applications faster such as firefox because all you have to do is hit a button and it goes.

If you don't understand what I am saying then click this link

you can see the silver buttons at the top of the keyboard, that is what I am talking about, those buttons help you do thing sextra quickly if oyu use them.

Personally I don't use anything with mine except for the volume buttons, I really don't see any point to them since I am so used to hitting the icon instead of hitting the button on the keyboard because not all computers that you use will have extra buttons for stuff like that but a lot nowadays probably do.

what does everyone else do with their extra buttons?


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Staff member
I don't have any of the extra media buttons on my current keyboard but I'll get them on my next one.

I really want a keyboard that splits the 0 button on the number pad in half and adds in a : because I could really use that when typing in times.


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Hanzo_Hattori said:
What we need is a panic button
That would be disastrous. I'd push it until my finger bled, and probably ruin the keyboard in the process.


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I use the volume. The other extras don't seem to do anything for me (ex: my docs didn't lead me to the folder).


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My keyboard is a laptop one, so I don't have those extra media buttons. I actually have to use a Function button to turn on the numberpad which is intergrated with half the letters of the keyboard. Really annoying, so I don't bother using it.. much.


living on the border
I use the mute and volume ones but thats about it.

I've also developed an obsession with pressing ctrl+w to get rid of stuff, buts those arent extra buttons


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My PC keyboard is ancient. So it has loads of Packard Bell preprogrammed website buttons, like a big ass "INTERNET" one in the center.

It's always turned off. :)


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My laptop does not have any extra buttons .....one second.....it does have buttons

*presses lots of buttons, makes whiry noises and freezes & I ask myself why am I on my laptop when Im sitting at my desk next to my home PC*

*waits for whiry noise to stop and closes the 5 explorer windows, outlook, calculator, wmp and kills the annoying talking paperclip & looks across at home PC *

My home PC has shed loads of buttons, I use all the media ones; media player, play/pause, skip, volume and mute.

Calculator key comes in handy too.

I also have a load of pre-programmed commands on the function keys because Im a nerd and I can, things like open an application(photoshop etc) or open drive D:

Buttons I dont use; Magnify and zoom in/out, print, email, messenger, sleep, power, favourites, home.

Buttons I'd like to see; a Euro button so I dont have to dislocate my fingers doing Alt-Gr Ctrl 4 to get a € sign.

I also use loads of keyboard shortcuts which are handy but a nice big 'COPY' and 'PASTE' button would be nice, or a 'DAMN-IT' or '$H!T' button to replace CTRL-Z