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Ex's Wedding


aka ginger warlock
A few years ago I attended a friends wedding. I was not about to not go to it, the guy was one of my best friends but me and two others were not entirely convinced it was being done for the right reasons. He had known the girl for six months before they got married and I had to have a frank discussion with him about why it may not be a good for him to go and see one of his ex's after had a bad breakup, he couldn't understand why and I really had to lay it into him.

We all have baggage in our lives, it's just how life works and anyone who does not is either very lucky or very lonely, as well as baggage we have ex's, even I have a couple to my name but living no-where near them anymore does help and I even went to a music festival with a girl I liked and her girlfriend, it was semi okay but also very odd.

With that in mind my question is your ex's and communication. If you were to receive a wedding invitation either directly from an ex or from someone where you knew an ex would be would you attend? Would you attempt to find someone more pretty, more funny or more charming to take a long just to be able to say "I am over you, I am over you so much I have this wonderful person in my life and it is not you", it may seem a little immature but I think it is forgivable in those circumstances, how do you feel though?


Free Spirit
Staff member
If they were an ex I doubt I would attend their wedding for any reason. I don't think the person they are marrying would appreciate an ex being invited. It would be inconsiderate of your mate to do so. I don't think you should be going back seeing an ex because they had a bad breakup either. That might be taken for still being interested.


Well-Known Member
Same, if things went bad but there were no hard feelings between the two then I would at least wish them a happy wedding and life together, try to be supportive and all. But attending the wedding, that might bring up some old scars, and you don't want to go and people would know you as "the ex", and that would be the only way they know you. Now, if things didn't end so well and an invitation was received....**** you and hope the other person knows what they're getting themselves into, lol.



Embrace the Suck
I've never gone to an ex's wedding and don't ever plan to. I don't see the point. And no I never felt any reason to find someone else to try and send some message to any ex about being over her or having someone in my life. Once it was over I couldn't care less what they thought and felt no reason to try and convince them of anything.


If I received a wedding invitation from an ex... I'd laugh & then throw it directly into the trash. That would be all types of awkward and I'm not having any of that. If, for some odd reasons, I did go though, it would probably end up going like the wedding in Old School. Except I'd be twice as drunk & three times as offensive. Haha.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I've never been to an ex's wedding, and I do think it would be awkward...even the ones I remained friends with, I think I would just feel like I don't belong there.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't think I would go. One of my ex's is already married but the other one isn't. I can't see her asking me though haha...we don't keep in touch at all.

It would just be awkward and strange the entire time I was there.


Registered Member
I probably wouldn't go unless I really had remained good friends with my ex, there were no romantic feelings left on either side, and most importantly, knew that his wife-to-be would be ok with it as well. This is a magical day for the couple, and in most cases having an ex there would only be inviting drama.

My boyfriend has a child from a previous relationship, and his ex has been trying to get back with him for as long as we have been together. She's done everything from bad mouthing me to his family to sending him suggestive texts. The only reason he even communicates with her at all is for the sake of their daughter and coordinating her care. When his ex found out we had marriage plans and that there was no way on earth she would be invited, she was offended and didn't understand why. Really now? :lol:

Haha, so yeah...really depends on the circumstances, but in most cases it would be a bad idea.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I've been invited to an ex's wedding and even asked to sing. The girl and her family are close to my mom and they have no clue I was involved with their future son in law. Good thing I had a reason to say no - I had to work that day. It would have been awkward, given we also split awkwardly.

I haven't been to any of my ex's wedding. Er, none of them (aside from that dude) has really married yet. If I get invited, maybe I'll go (except for one of them that still affects me). I'm over them and we've remained civil/friends. Past is past. My ex was present at my sister's wedding. I was the matron of honor. We even danced. Heck he even went out with my husband to have a beer haha. It all depends on the relationship you have with your ex, I suppose.


Registered Member
If I received a wedding invite from an ex, then presumably we were on fairly good terms. I might call to make sure her husband-to-be doesn't have a problem with it, but I would be willing to go.

I don't think I would ever avoid an event that mattered to me just because one person would be there. If I didn't really care about attending the wedding or not, I might not go, but if I wanted to be there, having an ex there (even if I were on bad terms with her) wouldn't matter.

Of course, this is all hypothetical for me. Maybe if I ever have an ex, my opinion will change :rolleyes: