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  1. EllyDicious

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    How do you let someone know you feel about them?

    In your current/past relationship, who was the first to express the feelings first? How?[through words? kisses?]
    How did you react?
    If you were the first, how did you express the feelings to your partner?

    What happened after that moment?

    I've never expressed feelings to anyone, and i don't know how these things work in real life. expressing feelings to me seems too embarrassing lol and if the other person doesn't do it first, i can't do it.

  2. Jelly_Beans

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    In both of my relationships they expressed their feelings first. They were the one's to say 'I love you'. I don't know if I'd ever be able to do it first, be scared of being rejected and having them not feel the same. If I were to do it, I wouldn't be able to tell them face-to-face. I'd probably do it through a text, email or IM.
  3. SuiGeneris

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    There are so many ways to express your feelings besides verbal. I mean, holding hands, hugging, kissing, going out of the way for the person.

    Finding out their favorite breakfast food, and showing up to pick them up for something with that food, yada yada yada. Expressing your feelings is one of the most basic and personal things you can do. It's going to differ everyday, it doesn't have to be this bland cliche' recipe everyone tries to make it out to be.

    Oh and Jelly, no offense, but I think it's kinda sad that you wouldn't tell someone you cared for them because you're afraid of rejection. Don't you realize that means you don't trust the person you care for. If you're too afraid to open up to them how are you ever going to achieve that emotional intimacy needed for a relationship?
  4. EllyDicious

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    sounds romantic....
    does this type of manner exist? seems like people don't really bother to satisfy the other person even when they like him/her.
    falling for someone has become such a limited term...
  5. SuiGeneris

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    Of course it exists, but not everyone does it.

    That's because "falling in love" has become redundant... socialized even. What people don't realize is it's one of the most personal things you can go through. People think they have to wait till someone says "I love you" before "showing that they care" and what not. Like I said, there are plenty of ways to show you care.
  6. EllyDicious

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    yeah i totally agree with this. the words "i love you" may mean nothing when they are not proven by actions. actually, actions are the only way to show you love someone. words come and go ....
  7. Clever

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    I would just build up. Try & discover if they like you or not with little jokey comments, keep eye contact, try not to be to freaky or they will just turn off you. Never express your feeling on the early stages. Make new friends and look well-known but most importantly just be yourself.
  8. SuiGeneris

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    I couldn't disagree more. Who are you to give someone a "test" before you admit how much you care for them. You completely contradict yourself by saying "wait and hide your feelings" but "just be yourself." When it comes down to it, love is a game you get burned in a lot. Trust me, I speak from experience, but in the end, it's worth it when you find the person that is there for you. The only way you're going to find that person is once you actually open yourself up.

    Hiding behind a veil isn't going to do anything for you, it's the easiest way out, but you'll lose out so much, and it's just so sickeningly cowardly. If you're going to "be yourself" then you need to mature enough to realize that that requires wearing yourself on your sleeve, it involves risks, it involves passion, it involves heart ache.

    You can't play life 'safe' otherwise you'll always lose.

    Sorry to call you out, but the answer is so cliche' and it's what you always see people say, when in the end, they don't realize that it's the worst advice in the world. You can't throw a bunch of cliche's together and create happiness, that's not how life works.
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