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Expressing Milk


In need of Entertainment
By law, here a nursing mother at work is allowed 30 minutes a session to express her milk.

Since getting back to work I've been using that time to do just that. The only problem was/is that using a pump doesn't do such a good job as doing it manually (hand).
So half an hour 4 days a week I'd express manually. Eventually my wrist started hurting from forming the same movement continueously. At first I ignored the pain, and eventually I had to bandage it since it hurt me during other tasks as well (like holding baby, mixing food etc.)

I haven't been to a doctor yet, but I'm hoping to do that today.
I had to go back using the electric pump, but it doesn't do the job properly, so I decided last 5 minutes of the session I'd express manually - that was a huge mistake, hurt it even more.

Nursing mothers, have you ever experienced anything like that?
And those of you who have never done it (men included) have you ever worked your wrists into overdrive?


still nobody's bitch
I never had a problem with a pump. Were you using a hand pump or an electric one?


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I think it might depend on what kind of pump you are using. There are several types and only a few are efficient enough to mimic a baby. Electric vs handpump is important too. The Medela line of pumps vary in price and the best one is very expensive. Maybe your hospital will let you rent one. This is the type I used: