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"Expressing Gratitude"


"Expect the unexpected"
The impact of gratitude is marginally trivialized, because gratitude is as medicine is to the heart. Gratitude lifts the heart from set backs that seek to weight it and brings a glow from the positive stream of gratitude expressed in words or actions.
There many ways by which gratitude can be communicated; a simple nod, a smile, a kind and thankful word, cards, videos, flowers, podiums and poems.

Do you practice expressing gratitude?
If no, why not?
If yes, how do you usually express gratitude?



Registered Member
I do! All the time! :)

I display it in many ways; whether it be in a text / email, a card, a hug, a phone call, a gift, etc.


Registered Member
A great deal of expressing gratitude is hand shake for me. It is said that you can judge a person interest level when you give them a handshake. A firm grip is good, not too tight or they will think you're a jerk and not to loose or they will think your a jerk.
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