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"Experts warn epic weather ravaging US could worsen"


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I found this article on Yahoo News, and given the wild Spring/Summer weather we've had in the United States I thought that it was worth discussing.

*Note: Global Warming/Climate Change is a hot-button issue, everyone knows this. Please be respectful of each others' views. Also, please keep this on topic as far as relating to the article and this year's weather patterns, as we've had the global warming debate itself ad nauseam in many other threads. Climate Change is a part of this discussion, but it is not the entirety.

Experts warn epic weather ravaging US could worsen - Yahoo! News

A couple of relevant quotes:

"This spring was one of the most extreme springs that we've seen in the last century since we've had good records," said Deke Arndt, chief of climate monitoring for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

While it's not possible to tie a specific weather event or pattern to climate change, Arndt said this spring's extreme weather is in line with what is forecast for the future.

"In general, but not everywhere, it is expected that the wetter places will get wetter and the drier places will tend to see more prolonged dry periods," he told AFP.

"We are seeing an increase in the amount (of rain and snow) that comes at once, and the ramifications are that it's a lot more water to deal with at a time, so you see things like flooding."
Climate change could bring less tornadoes, because while a warmer atmosphere will absorb more precipitation, causing more storms, it could also reduce the wind shear that builds storm intensity when cold and warm fronts collide.

However, the intensity of future droughts, heat waves, storms and floods is expected to rise drastically if greenhouse gas emissions don't stabilize soon, said Michael Mann, a scientist at Penn State University.

"Even a couple degree warming can make a 100-year event a three-year event," Mann, the head of the university's earth systems science center, told AFP.

"It has to do with the tail of the bell curve. When you move the bell curve, that area changes dramatically."

More extreme weather is expected in the coming months, said Jon Gottschalck, head of forecast operations at NOAA's climate prediction center.

"We're expecting warmer than normal conditions to continue across much of the south. The drought is probably going to continue in many areas," he said.

"We also expect wetter than normal conditions to continue for the next season or two in the northern Rockies...and an active hurricane season."
So, a few questions to begin the discussion:

(1) Do you think that there's a possible link to the rough weather patterns and global warming/climate change? If not, what are some other possible causes?

(2) What are your general thoughts on the extreme weather patterns that we've been seeing? Have you read/heard anything else interesting about them? If you're not from the U.S., have your weather patterns been seeing any sorts of changes in recent years?

(3) What are your thoughts on the possibility that the weather could get worse, regardless of the causes? When witnessing events like this year's tornadoes, flooding, etc., do you focus more on preparedness than you usually do?


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I heard, from several people, that the last big earthquake that caused the tsunami, shifted the earth's axis about 3 degrees or something like that.
So I Googled that, and seen several articles where the earth was indeed shifted about 3 degrees, but still I found nothing to really confirm anything.
But this was said to be causing weird weather patterns. Here in the South, we have been seeing more tornadoes than I ever remember in my whole life. But, I don't know what's truth and what's not. In my opinion, there has been lots of changes and some people are going on the harem scarem parade, and telling us all---it's near the end of time.


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I think just "global warming" is too simple. Yeah, the atmosphere can def be part of what's happening but there are other things to think about. There's so much oil in the Gulf of Mexico and that would affect how water/chemicals evaporate. It also changed temperatures in the gulf. And some of this could still be caused by a natural cycle we don't understand but all the pollution must be having effects too.

The weather in Oklahoma is very strange now. We always have big storms and tornadoes that start in May, then July is very hot and dry (lots of 100s F), then August is not as hot and the rains are back.
The last 2 years were totally different. In 2009, May, June, and July were extremely wet and the temps were like only 60-80s. Even August wasn't very hot and we still had rain.
In 2010, almost no rain and July was like 60-80s but August was mostly 100s! It was totally different!
This year, we had a tornado swarm where we don't ever get tornadoes then a huge hail storm with 70+ mph sustained winds for half an hour! That was last month in June. Then we started doing 100s in June(????) and we're still in the 100s! The high temp today was 112*F! It never gets that hot here!

Anyway, the weather isn't stable here anymore and it's even scary! Now it's weird and totally different every summer.
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