Expensive NYE? Why does everywhere cost so much?

I'm sick of places costing so much for NYE. I don't see why everywhere should cost so much. I think as everyone runs out of money we're going to see more private parties crop up.

This one is only £5 to get in and it looks like its going to be a really good rave. Its in a church!

Where are you guys going?
Some place called Batchwood, its like a night club/hall kinda place. £15 for a ticket, which isn't bad for NYE, but drinks are expensiveeee :rolleyes:
This one is only £5 to get in and it looks like its going to be a really good rave. Its in a church!
This needs to be quoted in The GF Hall of Fame. :hah:

Staying home and sleeping. I dislike New Years Eve and I don't even want to think about it. I'll be catching up on my sleep and planning for other events. :D
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This is why New Year's has become a joke of a holiday, an average $50 to get into a place which gets you a small glass of champagne and usually a half assed buffet. I'd rather just stay in.


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I'm going out with my gal pals. We got a hotel near the club so we cane get stinking drunk. So excited. Entrance fee at the club is reasonable, drinks will be expensive though.


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I'm not going anywhere. Gonna be drinking with Duke and possibly EI right here in my apartment. As far as I'm concerned, the only money I should have to spend to have fun on new years is the money I spend on alcohol.


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Fucking Sydney spent 5 million dollars for a set of fireworks for display for this year. Ridicilous.


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It's not just NYE that's expensive, everything now has inflated in price.

I went to mates house and drank loads of cheap beer and wine.


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If I ever celebrate New Year I always end up at someones house because it is expensive to go out. It's great to plan ahead and get your own fireworks etc.