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Sultan of Swat
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Rob Manfred was saying that expansion is a big possibility in the Major Leagues.

Personally, I think that's a bad idea. There are a few teams that are not getting great attendance. It would just be smarter to relocate one of those teams. Case and point, the Tampa Bay Rays. They're currently last in attendance. They're averaging just above 14,000 fans a game. That's simply pathetic. Move them somewhere fans can appreciate having a Baseball franchise.

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Living in Ikoria
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I'm always fine with expansion. I'm a Tampa Bay Rays fan so personally I hope they can just find a way to get rid of that shit stadium and get some butts in seats. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if they moved eventually. There have been rumors for years already.

I'd really like to see a couple of new franchises in new cities, and I'd enjoy seeing the Expos back as well.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Expand to new markets by relocation seems to make more sense to me as well.

With that said, parity is pretty damn good right now. I think MLB can afford to add a couple of teams but I'd prefer relocation instead.

Relocate the Cubs and Yankees or Cubs and Red Sox. I mean what?


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I think that as long as the Tampa & Oakland situations aren't settled, they shouldn't proceed with an expansion. I know that people in Montreal are monitoring this closely (since they're probably gonna be the go-to city in case something happens) but I wouldn't be too worried if I were them. Even if it takes a couple more years, that means they have time to make a serious upgrade on the Olympic Stadium (turf, dugouts and everything) while they can sort out the possibilities of a new stadium for the future Expos. So, as opposed to the Nordiques situation in the NHL, I think it's better for Montreal to wait a while longer. MLB will still test the waters with more exhibition games (Red Sox probably will be in town next season) and fans will still have the opportunity to show their love & passion for baseball.