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Expansion Draft could create a year of excitement...


Registered Member
This year teams will have to always think about their core team. Who do they keep, who do they leave open to the expansion draft. Who do they don't really want to lose but they don't want to protect. If you leave a guy open that you would like to protect but can't - would it be better to trade him this year than risk him leaving with no return at all?

Examples right now I can think of is Tampa with Bishop, Pittsburgh with Fluery and Nashville with their defence. Nashville has four defenceman they would rather keep - depends which format you can take, you might leave one of the guys open to the draft. Same with Pitts/Tampa with their goalie situation.

This is likely why we keep hearing stories surrounding to two goalies. You don't want to lose those two for nothing. They can and will give you a great return if traded.

This year could create some interesting trades or at least lots of talk about trades. There probably won't be much movement with "bad contract" players cause they are probably guys you don't mind losing.

P.S. Subban will be protected so stop calling lol