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Exotic foods


Better Call Saul
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What "exotic foods" have you eaten? By that I mean foods that you've eaten that you wouldn't see on a normal menu at a restaurant.

Today for lunch my company had a Mediterranean themed lunch and they served bison. I had never eaten it before so I gave it a shot and it was actually pretty good. It was a little chewy but tasted pretty good.

So what weird foods have you eaten?


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I'm sorry to say, and happy to say, none. I am pretty sure I couldn't even attempt to try some of the foods they call exotic. Like escargot. Fish eggs, correct? OMG! Or escargot. Snails! Some are even alive when eaten, maybe they all are. Bison seems like it would be a tough meat. I don't even eat any kind of seafood, I pretty much stick to regular basics for meat. Altho when I was a young girl, one of the family relatives was making a big dinner and something smelled mighty fine. Come dinner time, it was served, still smelled good and looked good. When somebody told me it was a damn squirrel I 'bout vomited at the thought.


Oh yeah, I've had some of these.


Just kidding, I'm actually vegetarian so would never eat that. I did have a friend who worked at an orphanage in Cambodia once and she tried one. She couldn't bring herself to eat the body, but she did eat a leg. Gross!


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Buffalo burger. Quail eggs. Rabbit. Kiwi fruit. Watercress. Mango. Those are some of my favs. Not very exotic though.


Sally Twit
I'm going to use the word 'unusual' as opposed to exotic because I'm really not that adventurous.
I went out for a meal with work a couple of months back and for a starter I tried Ox Tongue. It was really tough and had a strange smell. I didn't finish it because the way they cut it left it looking like half a tongue on my plate so it put me off.


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I was lucky enough to try some exciting and really tasty food in SAfrica that I would most definitely eat again.

Crocodile, kudo, springbok and ostrich! Boerewors, Gatsby, Melktert, and Snoek(fish) And Biltong! That was the best thing I've ever had in my life.

Oh and it's not strange or unusual, but I ate lamb for the first time in 2010 which was kind of huge for me.

I can't think of anything else, really.

Oh and I tried real coconut, chopped open by yours truly. That was super yummy.
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4 legs good 2 legs bad
Buffalo or pheasant is probably the most exotic thing I've had that I can think of, but they aren't really that exotic.


still nobody's bitch
I had wild boar one time at a restaurant that served a lot of game. I didn't care for it.

My dad's cousin's wife is from the Philippines and she made pancit for us one time. It was very yummy. It wasn't terribly exotic, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find it on a restaurant menu.


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Personally I think that after extended periods away from home i really enjoy a home cooked traditional meal that i can't really get away from home. Now taht said how bout a whole bunch of exotic-ish fruits for dessert? Starfruit, papaya, mango, Prickly pear, passion fruit. Maybe do a chocolate fondue kinda thing. Most are pretty easy to get at the local supermarket, easy to prepare and are delicious.


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I don't think I've ever eaten anything exotic or unusual, unless you ask my family. That is, my mom and her side of the family are from the South (Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee), and I grew up eating traditional southern foods--fried chicken, catfish, chicken and dumplings, soup beans, cornbread, ribs, greens, biscuits, etc. I know my grandma and my mom and our extended family ate rabbit, squirrel, snake and such a lot in their past, and I had those things at family gatherings when I was a kid, but I don't remember much about how I felt about it. I think my family kind of associates those dishes with having been poor, and, so, they don't eat them now that they don't "have to", though they speak of those dishes fondly.

Anyway, my family has never had things like Thai food, Sushi/Japanese food, or Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food, and those are among my favorite cuisines. To my family, my eating those cuisines is just more evidence of how much I am the odd one out, and I think they actually associate it with my having gone to college, my being vegetarian, and my being queer. "Oh, that crazy Tani" ;)