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exercise bike


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thinking of buying an exercise bike
are they worth while? im trying to loose a few extra pounds the reason im wanting to buy an excersize bike is because i only have limited space in my small flat and i also used to enjoy cycling but not really the weather for it atm. so basically dose anyone else use an excersize bike and what are the results, i dont want to end up with really muscly legs or anything


yellow 4!
Is that your only option, as opposed to an elliptical/cross trainer or something?

Bikes are my least favourite machine in the gym but if you enjoy cycling then I'm sure it would be fine. Though, it's not the best calorie burner. And obviously you would be just working your legs and not your arms so maybe you could alternate between that and using some free weights for arm exercises? I dunno, just a suggestion...

Basically I think you would do better going for a jog, but if it motivates you to work out and you don't like going outside in bad weather then it can't be all bad.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
When I had a gym membership the stationary bike was my favorite piece of equipment. Some people say they can't get their heart rate up on the bike, but if used properly I think it can be one of the most demanding cardio workouts you can do. It's all about using the right level/resistance combined with maintaining a high cadence/RPM/speed, and keeping that same speed going for anywhere from 30-60 minutes over varying terrain. If you're not breaking a sweat or getting your heart rate up, you're not pushing hard enough. I've always found the bike to be way more challenging than running.