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What are your views?

First, this is inspired by Brix's thread about the fat douche that the incompitent executioners can't find a line on. Can't they just do a cut down or something? Or give some meds IM?

Secondly, I don't think that lethal injection should even be an execution. There's absolutely no sense in putting the person to sleep then making them succomb to cardiac arrest. I don't think it's right, and I just plain don't think it's right.

I think that if you're going to execute someone, we should bring back something tried and true, that's also inexpensive. Like the guillotine. Or the firing squad. Fuck, bury them alive. Who cares if they're in pain and agony? They're on DEATH ROW. Their human rights should be removed.


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I'm fully against capital punishment. I did some research for it several years ago and it was about half the price to keep a prisoner for the rest of their lives as opposed to killing them. I should do that research again and get updated numbers one of these days.

And, as far as methods of killing, I support shooting. A large caliber handgun will do away with the person quite nicely. They should be on their knees looking the gun down the barrel when they die. If you're going to kill someone for a horrible crime, then do it right. Make them regret ever killing or raping.


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Steve, if you do that research let me know your figures. Cause I really think it'd be much cheaper to bring back the guillotine.

I'm not saying it needs to be in public, though that wouldn't bother me, either. But it has to be cheaper to just have a sharp metal thing slide down and decapitate someone, then to spend however much money to "humanely" execute someone with lethal injection or the gas chamber.

Envy, you don't think that there are some situations where the person deserves to die?


Christ almighty are we actually serious about this.

Points against,
A- Do we really want to revert civilization back to that, while we're at maybe we can stone people too? Drawing and quartering was attractive right? If we go to cruel punishments how is the mob putting on these spectacles any better than the perpetrator's of the crime? We all want to live in a society thats on its way to being more decent, well we won't get there if we go back to brutalizing our criminals.

B- What about the wrongfully accused, let me point to the case of Rubin Carter Rubin Carter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What if on that chance we screw up? I've seen the justice system fail, if it can let a pedophile go, then it can certainly imprison the wrong person.
Should they be as you put it, "buried alive", should we not care if we put someone through pain and agony and a few years later new evidence turns around proves that man's innocence? To we shurg it off as life? Or do we realize that we tortured an innocent man, and thus we are now a mob of murderers.

C- I made this point on the last thread I'll re-state it here, and think on it, don't just pop off a response. If the said inmate was your father, brother, friend, would you really want them treated that way? Would you really want their human rights void. Something tells me you wouldn't, no one would want to see their loved ones brutalized despite they're crimes.
Then after you watch your loved ones in as you put it "pain and agony" would your really not care?

I understand being angry with the perpetrators of these crimes, I've often said pedophiles should be dragged in the street and shot, but in reality I don't want to be a part of a society that drags citizens from their houses and shoots them.


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I agree with Steve. Honestly I could care less if they are executed or put in jail for life (without parole) but if you are going to kill them, just do it already. Don't treat them like a passenger on an airplane and ask them questions throughout such as:

"Are you comfortable?"

"Is there anything I can get for you?"

Seriously that's how these lethal injections come across. Just do something quick and to the point. A painful death would fit certain crimes and sounds good when talking about somebody who committed horrific crimes, however in the end does it matter if they are in agony and regret their crimes as they die? No, death is enough. But on that same note it shouldn't matter that they aren't.

Just shoot them in the head. It's quick and probably less painful than a lethal injection (and certainly a lot cheaper).


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Hiei, the stats factored in costs like the killing, ten years of appeals, incarceration, health care, food, death row, the extra personnel for each, and so on.


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Envy, you don't think that there are some situations where the person deserves to die?
That's what I said.

Murder of all kinds is wrong. Whether it's government sponsored death penalty murder, murder in war, or whatever, it's all wrong, very wrong. That is my opinion.


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These are my arguements to your points.

A. The difference between stoning and all the more recent death penalities that were outlawed is that hippies and people like you trying to get rid of what's "not right" as compared to whats effective. This Christian morality that this country makes me want to move to my own island. It's getting more PC and sensitizing the entire place into being a gigantic pussy. Those methods were there to not only effective, they were designed to strike fear in to the heart of criminals as a preventative measure to stop the crime before it happened. And they are more cost effective.

B. If that's the case, we make harsher crimes worthy of the death penality. Like all serial killers are on death row and various crimes based on some kind of system where the amount needs to add to a total. Give them ten points. If they kill a person it's worth three points or something to the effect. If you max out or go over, you're executed. Tell the people and have that stike the fear. Everyone else is still in prison, though so regular criminals still are put away.

C. I gave this question about five mins and I could still only come to one answer. Yes. If they did something to that value, even if I knew for a fact they were innocent, they still have all those other points. Supposing that my law would be true. But in current day, I'd still want him executed. Mostly because I think of myself first. And if he were to be executed, Sure I'd miss him, but that would mean that I beat another person in the game of life. Survived another day.

Once again, just my thoughts as they popped up.


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yeah, I wouldn't say I'm against capital punishment for ALL situations. but I'm definitely against the way Texas goes about it. I think that an execution should be if anything a last resort. if all evidence and deliberation points towards capital punishment as being completely necessary (like, if the dude's a serial killer and he's seriously fucked in the head). its true that there are some truly evil people out there, and they really do need to be eliminated for the sake of society.

but now I want to address the issue of means. are we seriously so desensitized by the modern media that we'd all be comfortable with shooting the "bad guys" in the face? chopping their heads off into a basket? seriously? I wouldn't make the assumption that just because they ask a question like "are you comfortable", a death row inmate is complacent. the dude's about to DIE, and he KNOWS it. as far as I'm concerned, lethal injection or a gas chamber works just fine. there's already nothing humane about killing a man, no matter how much of a bastard he is/was. why bring ourselves down even further by making the practice even more barbaric than necessary?