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Execution Videos


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I'm sure we're all aware of these lurking in the darker parts of the internet.

What are your thoughts of these being available to watch online? Do you think they should be pulled from sites once they're put up? And finally have you ever watched them?

I will admit, I have watched some pretty brutal execution videos, mainly shown to me by my brother. I guess i'm so desensitized to violence I don't even flinch when I see them now. I don't make a habit of watching them, or even search them out. I would be perfectly fine with them being removed from the internet entirely. My brother, however is one of those people who searches them out and watches them on a regular basis. He even laughs at them :shifteyes:


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I've never watched any of them and I have no interest to. I don't like censorship, so I don't think they should be removed from the internet, but I do think it's kind of scary that people could enjoy watching that kind of thing.


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I wouldn't laugh at them, never.
But yes I have watched some before.


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I wasn't aware there was that type of thing available to watch. You have to wonder at the state of society these days :shake:

It's not something I would ever seek out. Life is sacred, all forms of life. We should be grateful for even being lucky enough to experience life.

The ending of someone's precious life should not be trivialised for the entertainment of some psychologically disturbed individual.

These poor souls were once held as a baby in the arms of a mother. Absolutely horrific in my opinion and should be removed.


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my ex boyfriend found a website full of sick videos and showed me them, i saw one where a man got his arm cut off with a macheti for stealing, and one where a man had his head sawn off with a knife, slowly, its not something i would ever laugh at i found them quite upsetting, i guess they should be taken off but i doubt that will happen, it isnt something i would activlly seek out to watch again. i guess the reason i was willing to watch a couple of them was morbid curiosity more than anything else, i think that is probably most peoples reasons for watching them.


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No not for me. As much as I have a tendency to seek out violence in video games and music and films, seeing a real execution is not for me. I don't fancy seeing anything remotely barbaric in my lifetime if I can help it, even if it's done on someone that probably deserves it.


Where is my Queen?
I have been to some of these videos, and they are disgusting. I like to watch violent movies, but when you watch somebody getting beheaded with a knife is very disturbing. The sound when they are cutting the spinal bone is disgusting and it sound is gross too. It is a damn shame to watch this. I don't recommend these videos to nobody. Nothing like the movies.


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I've seen some, like the Saddam hanging, just out of curiosity. I don't actively look for them. I've also browsed around Rotten.com. Like Echoes I don't believe it should be censored but I also don't understand how people can enjoy these things. I'll admit to letting curiosity get the best of me but I just don't get how someone can get enjoyment out of it.


A Darker Knight
I've seen a couple, namely Saddam Hussein's hanging. Other than that, it's just a depressing thing to even want to watch. But the thing is, movies are so good at making executions realistic now, I can't be really shocked anymore because it's as they they say, "just like in the movies". If anything, the executions in movies are worse because they go back and add in sound effects.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I dont believe in censorship either but showing these videos is quite sick
Another point I'd like to add now that I've read this post. I am very strongly against showing executions and large scale tragedies on TV. I hated that the 9/11 attacks and Oklahoma City bombing were shown constantly on replay on TV. It's disrespectful to the deceased and the families of the deceased.