Executed for making long distance calls


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So sad, only reinforces my opinion that something must be done about North Korea. We wouldn't even have to use our military. If we could find a way to get the truth to the citizens.

Of course they are made to think that their leader is a type of god


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This is sooo sad. Executed for contacting the outside world?

Kim Jong il, is in every way as bad as Adalph Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Personally I am very surprised that there isn't an effort to take him out.

It's stories like this that North Korea doesn't want getting out to the civilized world because they want us to think that everything is legitimate that happens there. They have some absolutely ridiculous political laws that are there ONLY to keep the people trapped and unable to realize how bad their situation really is.

North Korea really is one of the worst dictatorships of our time. That guy was executed for doing absolutely nothing wrong. North Korea is full of power hungry dictators who rule by fear. The worst part is that the people there are so brainwashed into thinking that Kim has their best interest at mind that they actually all openly support him as a type of God.

They believe (and are told) that he and his father invented all of the inventions that help in their everyday lives, such as the TV, computer, automobile, etc. They are so brainwashed that even if other countries were to try to go in and knock Kim and his regime out of power the North Korean army would fight blindly to keep him there. After all they don't know of any other way of life, and most of them are not even aware that there ARE other ways to live.


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Yeah, he needs to go. That is so stupid, you can't have contact with the outside world, his people might see that he is a monster and that there could be a better life for them out there.


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They must of had someone sitting in the phone center monitoring calls. If someone makes an international call, a siren goes off or something. He was not the only casualty but 6 people were also killed because people were trying to run out of the stadium.

I'm sure that there were kids in that stadium and I feel bad about what they had to witness.


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I would like to think that the people their have enough sense to understand how whats going on there is wrong but they're brainwashed. Being killed for making international calls? I just cant understand why or how someone could do this.