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    I went to see the St.Johns Fog Devils last night probably the worst team in the QMJHL playoffs and I have to say that despite they lost and I didn't get fan of the game the game itself was awesome to see and has to be more exciting than a lot of recent games from the NHL I saw. Now I know that live hockey is better and all but still the game was really good and even though it was lopsided I have to say it was awesome hockey.

    Do you think that with the new physicality rules and the decline of fights that the game has become less interesting for the general hockey market of fans?

    With the people in the front office of the game trying to get it more faster and less physical for the fans to see I think they might have forgotten about the fans love of the hits and the great physical play that is seemingly always around no matter what and if you look at it the more physical teams in the NHL chances are they have a higher fan base than the other teams but this is not always the case.

    Please give your opinions.

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    Even though they changed the rules of the game after lthe lockout I still think the game is exciting. Yesterday I was watching the Habs vs Rangers game at my friends house, and we were down 2-0 after the first. I got a little discorraged but the Habs scored 3 goals in like 4 minutes and I almost lost my voice because I was so excited. I think the game is better then it once was. Plus even though you don't see as many fights, everytime you see one you'll still jump off your seat because of the anticipation of maybe seeing a good scrap.
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    Well I think that since the game is faster we will see the decline in the fights which will bring the suspense up for the fights whenever they do happen. I love seeing a good fight and a good game but I think that the NHL has gone to far with the rules. They are just not sense able in some cases like the goalie puck handling rule where if you touch it outside the crease you get called for delay of game when in actual fact your probably bringing the speed up and keeping the play going and I think I saw more hits in the game last night then I have in an NHL game in sometime which is sad to see. The NHL needs to keep its fans up and alert with big hits as well as good goals but with the rules they simply can't do that:sad:
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    The delay of game rule is just ridiculous especially when it involves a player accidently putting the puck over the boards in their own zone. But the new rules help the game become faster in so many ways. If players were still hooking and grabbing there's no way the game would be as fast as it is today. So the rules have negative and positive impact on the new NHL. But I think the rules have a better positive impact on the game because it's so wide open and you can hardly play the trap nowadays. Which is fantastic. A wide open game makes the game way more exciting to watch.
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    Well I saw another Q game last night and I have to say that even though there were two penalty shots the game sucked major butt. Why you might ask , Well the game was good in the first but in the second Cape Breton broke it wide open and ended up winning 6-2. Im a big fan of the game but even I have my limits and when I saw the 3rd penalty for accidently shooting the puck over the glass I just had to get up and boo. The game almost needs to be fast or not it'd be completly ruined with the junk rules we now have. For a big guy if you fall by accident your almost always going to be called for diving because it just looks like it from one point of view.

    Another thing I noticed was the lack of physical contact in the second game in as many nights. The teams could not be tired after just one night and I saw five times where a player was lined up for a clean hit and the hit was not layed. It was not even the really toguh and all star guys that were getting all the goals. Luc Bordon never got a point either of the last two nights. It was just dept players which goes to show in the minor leagues being great don't always matter.

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