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Excited Newbie Here!


New Member
Hey Y'all. My name is Becky and i am new here.

Lil bit about me ....
I'm kinda a girly girl :) I love watching movies and I have a great talent for remembering funny movie lines. I love to travel and to read great books.

I'm real excited to get to know you all.


"Expect the unexpected"
Hey Becky! Welcome to GF! It's great to know you're excited...........you'll fit in perfectly! Lots or interesting people to meet and tons of discussions to jump into.............have fun!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Hello Becky,

We already have a few members here from Israel. What other interest do you have except movies?

How did you find us?

See you around!


Lion Rampant
Hi, Becky! Welcome to what you'll be doing for the rest of your life. There is no escape from GF, I'm afraid. But there's always plenty to do!


Well-Known Member
Now that you mention it...I don't think we really have a Girly-girl here on the forums....the position is open :D. Welcome love and enjoy your stay, :3.

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Registered Member
Hi Becky ... Welcome to GF
Am Rose Angel ... 19 years old ... A student in higher school

I like reading Novels and watching Movies


I'm serious
Hi Becky. Welcome to GF. Shwa is right, the position of girly girl is still wide open. No contenders for this what so ever. Slide it and make yourself comfortable... Enjoy GF!