Wii Excitebots: Trick Racing


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*wags* Has anyone besides myself grabbed a copy of Excitebots for the wii? I picked it up yesterday, and I gotta say I've NEVER played a game like it before... It's got a little bit of everything in it, and none of it feels stale or lousy. Marf... Like, I read in a review somewhere that when the developers were having their meeting to discuss what would go into this game, NO ONE said no to a SINGLE idea XD robot animals that race each other and can transform into various forms, check. Playing minigames completely unrelated to racing while, well, racing... Check. Having a mode all to itself where you play POKER while racing, check (nosrsly). And it's all a blast, it's ALL fun!

If anyone gets the game and wants to share friend codes and play online, I'm all for it! But what do YOU guys think of the game? =3


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I cannot wait for this game to come out in the UK I love Excite Truck and Bots looks fucking amazing, this is one of my most anticipated games for a long time. I cant believe it is out in America already.